*B-GRADE* Prime Custom V5 - Master Chief - Phase 1 Clear



B-Grade kendamas may be slightly blemished, like a mistake in the paint, a marble with uneven color distribution, an uneven fade, or a birthmark on the ken, but no defects that should affect the way it plays. 

Prime B-Grade kendamas were painted in the Sweets Lab, but did not meet our quality control standards.

* We can't guarantee that every single "B-Grade Kendama" purchased will be Extremely Chip Resistant, but every one will play true to form.

B-Grade kendamas are sold "As-Is" and can not be refunded or exchanged.

Metallic Navy-Silver-Dark Olive triple stripe. 

This tama sports our most recently designed Phase 1 Clear coat which features the shine of Pro Clear, but has a lot more stick. These tamas slay right out of the box, but like Pro Clear, will only get better with play.

Prime Customs are Prime Kendamas, painted in the Sweets Shop. We want to provide a premium version of the Prime line, and show off what our in-house painters can do! Prime Customs have their own packaging, include a spinner bead and have a cross ken on the handle instead of the Sweets mark, but the shape, specs and measurements of the kendama are exactly the same as a regular Prime.



  • Phase 1 Clear Coat Tama
  • Sweets Lab Custom Paint Job
  • Prime Custom Beech Wood Ken
  • Metal Spinner Bead