We've been dropping new kendamas, announcing contests, and releasing fresh content non-stop! With everything happening in kendama, we know it's almost impossible to see it all, so we're bringing you a recap to give you some highlights from the past month!

This is our first try at this new monthly update, so if we missed anything major, be sure to let us know so we can do better!


New Sweets Team Members

The "Sponsor Me, Sweets" contest is now finished up and our team has made their final picks to join the family! A very warm welcome to Pun Ho Lam, Ian Tulak, Jack Roberts, Jack Gillion, and Jake B-Smith.

We're so stoked to have these guys on the team and can't wait to see what they do now that they are SWEETS! Make sure to give each of them a follow to keep up with their journey!

Las Vegas Kendama Open

The LVKO went down on March 18th at District Arts in Las Vegas. We're bummed we couldn't make it this year - the event looked like it was an incredible time! We're wishing massive congratulations to the event organizers for making it happen.
One of the player highlights of the competition has to be Adrian Elvambuena, eating up 1st Place in Pro Open & 2nd Place in Freestyle for a Double-Podium!
Follow the Las Vegas Kendama Open Instagram Page for more content that comes out from the 2023 event, AND for details when next year's event comes knocking!

Dama To The Beat Kendama Music Contest

Dama To The Beat just came to a close at the very end of the month, hosted by @ajh_kendama and @kendamadepot!

The goal was to showcase kendama using the power of music, creating Reels that even non-kendama players would enjoy.

Entries are now closed, but we'd highly recommend checking out the contest hashtag #DamaBeatContest to see all of the submissions and see who came out on top - maybe you'll see a clip that inspires your next post!

Sweets Employee K.E.N. Tournament 

The staff at Sweets HQ has got the spotlight; we're pitting the team against one another in the first-ever Sweets Employee K.E.N. Tournament!

Before the start of the competition, we had a Prediction Period open on Challonge for viewers to make their guess on who will take it home - the most accurate prediction at the very end will win a kendama!

If you haven't heard about the tournament, check out the Intro video to meet everyone at our shop. A few matches have already been played, so it's the perfect time to jump in, watch a few matches to get caught up, and get to know the people that keep the lights on at Sweets HQ.

We've got more matches coming out soon, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell to ensure you never miss an upload from us!

Keep up with the Tournament Bracket on Challonge.

K.E.N. Game Tournament - Intro
Sam VS. Brad (Round 1)
Muraoka VS. Paulsen (Round 1)
Sam VS. Brad - Employee K.E.N. Game Tournament (Round 1)
Muraoka VS. Paulsen - Employee K.E.N. Game Tournament (Round 1)


Community Kendama Series Contest

Entries for our kendama design contest are now closed! We've received over 200 submissions - the community SHOWED UP with their designs this year!

From here, our staff will each be choosing their 10 favorite designs to move on in the contest. Once those choices have been made, the top designs will be voted on BY YOU to decide our final three winners.

Follow our Instagram Page for more info on the Voting Round when it comes out!


Lava Lamp Mini Kendamas

At the beginning of March, we dropped our newest Mini Kendamas - the Lava Lamp Series! The Cow was a clear crowd favorite and it is neck-and-neck between the Slime and the Spidy.

These pocket-sized mods are perfect for taking anywhere, a perfect gift, or even just a fun novelty to break up the normal.

We usually don't restock models once they sell out, so snag your favorite one while we've still got some! 





Level Up Dub Collaboration

We are absolutely thrilled that Level Up Dub decided to collaborate with us to create her very own kendama. The fun and spooky vibes in her design were EXTREMELY popular, selling out on her website AND ours.

We are deeply appreciative of her for working with us, as well as everyone who supported us to make this drop so insane. We hope that everyone who wanted it got their hands on one!

Sweets Lab - Magical Houses Series

These kendamas are inspired by the series of books that made us WANT to read as kids - stories that taught us the importance of friendship, embracing those different from us, to fight for what's right, and to find magic in the world around us.

This is the first Sweets Lab series we've offered in Sticky Clear as well as Cushion Clear! We can't guarantee that this will be a staple in future series we do, but let us know if you think this is something we should continue in the future!

These are not officially licensed and are in no way connected to or supporting the creator of this series.

Natty Completes

With warmer months just around the corner, the new Amped Natty Completes came out just in time to hone in for Spring and Summer, arguably the best seasons for playing one!

For only $25, these full-natty unpainted kendamas are perfect:

  • for a fresh challenge
  • to paint your own design
  • for woodburning practice
  • as a gift
  • for home decor

Bamboo was the most popular choice and is now sold out, but you can still get a great Natty in wood types like Ash, Cherry, and Rubberwood. There aren't many left, but there's still time to snag one if you've been interested, but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet.


Here's a bunch more that came out in March you might have missed!


SWEETS MOB KEBAB (ft. Reed & Hobie)
Most RARE Natty Kendamas
Sweets Mob Kebab (Reed Stark & Hobie Doan in Europe)
Most RARE Natty Kendamas - Sweets Museum Tour
NEW TEAM MEMBERS REVEALED - "Sponsor Me Sweets" Winners
Learn Cooper Eddy's Magic Trick - Kendama Trick Tutorial
EKC 2022 - The Sweets Life
Game of M.I.N.I. - Coop VS. Sweets
European Kendama Championship EKC 2022 - The Sweets Life
Game Of M.I.N.I. - Cooper Eddy VS. Matt Sweets (Lava Lamp Edition)



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As a small business trying to grow a niche thing like kendama, it feels incredibly validating to us that a brand we've looked up to for years has decided to support us and digs what we do here at Sweets!


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Hey there! I'm Cody (AKA @magicdamadude). I take care of Customer Service, some editing, and a handful of other things here at Sweets HQ.

Every month, my goal is to bring you some interesting stuff going on in kendama that I think you should know about! This might be a trick you should learn, accounts you should follow, player announcements in the scene, and anything cool in-between.

If you know about something awesome that you think I should consider for next month's news, you can reply to this newsletter OR you can email - suggestions are always welcome!


New Art Layer is an Instagram account that I just recently came across, but I'm glad I did - they create some of the coolest AI-Generated Kendama artwork that I've seen so far!

The account has only been active for about a year, but it seems like they have been posting a lot more kendama-inspired art much more frequently in the past month.

They have a ton of cool work to go back through to look at, and sometimes they even take suggestions for new ideas in their Instagram Story. There's all types of different aesthetics - spaceship kendamas, ancient kendama-shaped buildings, and so so much more.

Favorite Trick From March

You don't need to go any further than Kentaro Yoshizu, member of the Sweets Japan Team, to find some incredible new idea you've never even thought to try.

He tosses the ken into a flip and stops the rotation with the flat palm of his other hand. He then lightly pushes and guides the ken to fall back onto the tama back to the inward lunar position he started in.

This trick is extremely stylish, but it also brings an entirely new meaning to the idea of "handing a trick". In most cases, touching one of the pieces with your other hand is considered a no-no. Kentaro took the idea in the complete opposite direction and did something you can ONLY do by touching the kendama with your other hand. To me, this clip is a perfect example of kendama play that pushes the game further.

If you want to try this for yourself, I'd recommend at least knowing how the mechanics of a Cushion Tap work. It looks like the same thing is happening, but instead of stopping the rotation by tapping with the tama, you're stopping the rotation with the flat of your hand on the side of the ken.
Additionally, make sure that the stalling hand is as flat as possible. The trick doesn't nearly look as cool if your fingers happen to curl around the ken when you stall it in the air. That's just my two cents, though!
Below, I included a few tutorials from our YouTube Channel that I thought might help you learn how to do this one. I hope you give it a try - I see so much potential and room for expanding this idea!

Ontario Kendama Event

There's a kendama event in Canada happening soon! Crewdama is back for the second time with their annual event on April 22 in Brantford, Ontario. In addition, they have a Pre-jam scheduled for the Friday before the event, April 21.

They have tons of things slated - Speed ladders, Am open, Freestyle, mini games, giveaways, vendors, premiers - a slew of kendama action!

Registration is now open at and closes on April 16. If you have any additional questions about this event, shoot a DM to their Instagram Page!


We would deeply appreciate it if you let us know what you think about the format of this email - what did you like, what did you dislike, is there anything we missed that you would have liked to have seen? Hit us up!