When I first put this contest out I did so thinking that I would have to add prizes to the pot to make people want to try this insane combo. Not more than 8 days later Peter Ramos laces it and makes it look easy! 

I am always blown away by the skill of people in our community. No trick is too hard apparently. Here is the winning video below. Congrats my dude! 


1 THOUGHTS ON “Lace Like Ace | Winner | Peter Ramos”

by Oscar Carranza

Peter: Dude [insert cameraman’ name]! Pull over right here. I just saw this contest come up on my feed.

Cameraman: You sure you got this? Line looks hella dank!

Peter: yah, it’s a line for slayers and skaters only.

Cameraman: alright G I got your back! I’ll pull into this parking lot and hit you with my camera phone. Just tell me when you are ready.

Peter ties shoe laces with one hand… the rest is history!!