"PSA: If everyone could please take the time to visit these anti-bullying websites, that would be fantastic. (There are plenty more, but I list a few.) Reading, listening, and spreading the word about the negative mental, emotional, and physical effects of bullying could raise awareness among the Kendama community, and among other communities as well. Let's all strive to stop bullying and to create tolerance, awareness, and harmony. Let's all encourage each other to build a kind, harmonious, and happy Kendama community. Let's all spread the Kendama love!

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9 THOUGHTS ON “The Girl Who Loved Kendama”

by Pablo Hernandez

Wow this story is amazing chelsea may really is very friendly she always likes all my comments on instagram (if you Are reading this please follow me @ken_pablo_317)

by alex


by kai 7 lee

awesome story! i love it!

by jack stolte

this inspired me and i got border balance 5 times

by Mel

Im with Joshua, spread this around its so good!

by Steph Lussier


by Sam Oso

Very Inspirational

by Joshua Flow Grove

Yes Spread this far and wide

by Jenn Larkin

So cool!