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Clear Coat:

So Kanada is a Sweets Kendamas Pro!

So has been a part of the Sweets family since 2018 repping Sweets Japan. He's had a Champ Mod in the past for winning the Kendama World Cup, but it is finally time for him to have his own Pro Model!!

So is one of the most honed competitors in kendama. The first Japanese player to win KWC, the first player to take back-to-back MKO wins, and more. You can see all his highlights over on Ken Docs: S

upport So by picking up his Pro Mod on or at your local dama shop. Follow So on Instagram:


  • KEN
    • Amped Shape
    • Beech / Padauk / Maple¬†sarado
    • Maple / Padauk ken
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
    • Engravings
      • SOK signature¬†
      • Matcha on underbird
      • Sweets Crossken on base
  • TAMA
    • 62mm
    • Padauk / Ash / Beech
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
      • Metal Spinner Bead
      • Replacement String
      • Signature Stickers

    A portion of each sale goes directly to the player.
    Follow So on Instagram @so_kanada88/