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While doing some Spring Cleaning we found a bunch of random stuff in the warehouse. It was all awesome, but not what we would normally sell. So we decided to pack it up into Mystery Boxes!

Each Mystery Box contains 3 B-Grade kendamas (~$120 Value)
And... other stuff. We can't say what else is in there because it will spoil the surprise! Some of it is epic some of it is totally random. If you are a fan of Sweets and looking for some random stuff at a bargain though, this box is for you!

*Limit 1 per customer PLEASE*
* No Left Handed Stringing or Weight Matching*
**No request, returns, or exchanges**

It's a bit of a gamble, but we think they are worth the price!
Be sure to tag us in your pics/vids when you do an unboxing!



At Sweets we try to only send out the best quality kendamas. That means that in our Quality Control process a lot of tamas do not pass the check.  Most of these tamas have very small issues like paint blemishes, raised spots, drips, or drops. Kens can have imperfections in the wood, engravings, or prints. 

This is you chance to get one of these B-Grade kendamas for a discounted price.

All sales are final, B-Grade kendamas can not be returned or exchanged