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Kendama Is Roller Blading Pro Franky Morales' Favorite Downtime Hobby

What Is A Kendama?

Kendama is an ancient Japanese skill tool used as a hand-eye coordination trainer. Professional roller bladers from around the world have realized over the last 10+ years that playing kendama significantly enhances their ability to rip.


Beyond being a safe downtime hobby for the adrenaline junkie like Franky Morales, kendama increases balance, focus, and attention to detail. Some say playing with a kendama has the ability to slow down time in your brain, which can be helpful before doing something at high speeds with high risk.

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How Do You Play Kendama?

Spike is your first trick to learn. Hold the ken vertically and spin the ball to make it a bit easier for your first time. You'll never need to spin it again - it's kind of like a cheat code. It's OK for your first one beacuse you need to get a feel for it.

After you get your first spike, there are endless variations and combinations involving balance, hand flips, kicks, and more. Many flock to Sweets Kendamas Youtube tutorials to get inspiration for new tricks, but the opportunity to get creative falls in line with how you would treat roller blading.

Why Does Franky Morales Have A Signature Kendama?

Franky Morales has been playing kendama since 2008, which is longer than most people on our kendama pro team. His love for the game is easy to see. His chill outlook on life is pleasant to be around. His ability to do insane roller blade tricks on any obstacle you put in front of him is obvious. Considering all of the above, Franky is a perfect fit for the Sweets Mob and we are proud to carry his signature kendama.



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