03/14/18 Great Kendama

When I first started playing Kendama I was hesitant to spend over 30$ for a Kendama. About 6 months in I caved and decided to get a homegrown. It really changed Kendama for me and made me progress.

06/09/18 My first REAL kendama

First off let me start by saying that sweets kendama's customer service is outstanding I am new to this awesome skill toy and they provided me with all the knowledge I needed to get started. I received the blue prime radar and it slays dragons bruh paint is super sticky and the balance is butter, for 21 bucks to the door bruuuh....just BUY it phenomenal

03/04/18 Amazing all around Kendama!

This Kendama slays everything from stalls, to lunars, to juggles! Ken shape is well designed for any skill level and any style of play!

03/02/18 One of THE best and most affordable kendamas in the game!

The Sweets Prime gets so many things right. They are super affordable so everyone can get one! The Primes have also got a crazy all-round shape that's balanced and works for any trick you could think of. Last but definitely not least, the paint! The paint on the Sweets Primes is incredible! It's so tacky and breaks in super well! I played my Prime non-stop since the day I got it and also used it as my competition kendama in the Swedish Kendama Championships. By then I were on my second ken and the paint on the tama was still crazy good! So if you want a kendama that's affordable but still plays extremely good, I would definitely recommend trying out a Prime! The Fiesta is my absolute favorite of the bunch!

03/02/18 Perfect for any outfit.

This poncho really does go together with any outfit you plan to wear and take outside around your neck!