COACH EKG : Brian "Kendama Coach" Castillo šŸ’šFundraiser : Pre-Order





Kendamas will be painted and shipped ~ 2 Weeks after Pre-Order Ends

All of these will be painted to order, and we are not producing any extra. The only way to get one of these is to pre-order!

Each kendama will be numbered as part of this special limited batch.

If your order contains multiple items, they will not ship until this kendama is ready to ship. If you do not want to wait, please place 2 separate orders.


Brian Castillo aka "Kendama Coach"Ā @kendamacoachtxĀ has welcomed kendama into his life, his community, and his classrooms. He introduces kendama to thousands of students and expands our community in doing so every day.

Now he needs open heart surgery, and the bills are rolling in.

We created this kendama to help Coach with his bills in the biggest way we can.Ā 

All the money from the Pre-Order of this kendama will go directly to the Castillo family to help with the crazy medical bills.Ā 

We know that not everyone has money to spare for a donation, but we know a lot of you will want to get your hands on this awesome kendama.Ā Ā 


Painted in the Sweets Lab and finished with Cushion Clear each kendama will be individually numbered as part of this limited collection.Ā 

The green EKG line offers some awesome tracking and is a unique twist on a classic middle stripe. A green heart on the string hole adds just a splash more color and style as well. We are keeping it clean and crisp with this one so that you can get a unique kendama and so we can give the most money possible to the Castillos.Ā 


If you want to learn more about Brian please visit the link below.Ā 
If you are not able to purchase one of these damas please consider donating to his GoFundMe or sharing it on your social platforms.Ā 

This is a call to the community to do what we can. Whether you can spare $1 or $100 it will make a huge impact on a very important person in our community.