DamaBlitz Clock

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DamaBlitz is a game Alex Smith created that will test your speed and consistency. Players face off head-to-head, alternating attempts at a chosen trick as the clock counts down. Even the most simple tricks become an epic race against the clock, making DamaBlitz an awesome game for players of any skill level. 


The DamaBlitz clock has a timer for each player, when the game starts, one player's clock will begin counting down as they attempt the trick. Once the trick is landed, that player hits the clock paddle to pass the countdown to the other player, who then beings attempting the trick. This back and forth continues until one player runs out of time, and the other player is declared the winner!

We are excited to have partnered with Terra to have DamaBlitz as part of the 2018 MKO and to now offer the clocks to you! 

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