Homegrown Next Gen - Splice V3 - Maple Ken


The Splice gets its name from combining multiple species of woods into one beautiful kendama.  With a lot of experimenting, we have come up with our new favorite Homegrown. 

The Tama is layered from bottom to top with Ash, Purpleheart, Maple, Walnut, Maple, and topped with Purpleheart.  The tracking is great, and it looks sexy, but there is also function in this design. By keeping Ash on the bottom, it means that you will have extra grip right around your bevel for any balance tricks. It also will help those stalls lock in when you hit the Ash for birds and stilts.  This tama is available Natty or coated with our own Cushion Clear in the Sweets Lab for extra grip when landing bangers. 

We have paired these with our classic Maple Next Gen ken for a clean look with an amazing tama. 

We are incredibly proud of how this kendama looks and plays, and hope you enjoy it as well. The ken is Next Gen shape and the tama is strung with a spinner bead. 

Every complete Homegrown Kendama comes boxed with HG Stickers and an extra string and bead.

Sweets Kendamas has partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation, so that every Homegrown kendama bought plants a tree!