MKO 2018 Kendama - Pro Clear & Cushion Clear


The Limited MKO Kendama included in 2018 Swag Bags is not available for purchase!

This unique tama was hand painted in the Sweets Lab and features a removable  MN Kendama Open silicone band in middle of the tama. The top half is a pearl green and black tiger-print finished with Pro Clear. The bottom is white with a green tracking ring around the bevel finished in Cushion Clear. 

This is the first time we have ever released a tama with BOTH Cushion Clear and Pro Clear!  

*The tama design with the silicone band in the middle is a product designed by Yumu Kendama, originally called the Saturn* 

These kendamas come shipped without the normal Prime Custom packaging. 

 Because Prime Customs are painted by hand, there may be some variation between what is pictured and what you receive.