$19.99 $39.99

*You can not request something specific for your Mystery Kendama! That takes away the fun of the Mystery!*
If you order more than one Mystery we cannot guarantee that they will be different products.


Mystery kendamas can be b/c-grades, one-offs, frankendamas, or whatever else we have lying around the warehouse. They might have a blemish in the paint, a mark on the ken, or an issue with the engraving but most should play true to form. 

Generally a product goes to Mystery if it has a problem that doesn't affect play but did not meet our quality standards.

These may come in full retail packaging or will be boxed in our all black Mystery Kendama boxes. 

For only $24.99 you are getting a random tama laced on a BOOST shaped Ken!

It could be Sticky Clear, Ratio Clear, Cushion Clear, or could be something you've never even seen or heard of before.


Mystery Kendamas may be slightly blemished, like a pinhole in the paint, a paintjob with uneven color distribution, or a birthmark on the ken, uneven lines, or discernible lines where different wood types meet,  but no defects that would affect the way it plays. Basically, for $24.99 you get a Kendama that would normally sell for $30-50. What a steal!

Most BOOST Mystery Kendamas will be painted in the Sweets Lab, and may be current, past, or unreleased paint styles. BOOST Mystery may also contain factory painted tamas.

* Some "Mystery Kendamas" are products of our research and development process, and some might be older paints that we are not using any more. We can't guarantee that every single "Mystery Kendama" purchased will be Extremely Chip Resistant, but every one will play true to form.

** Mystery Kendamas do not come with an extra string or bead.

Mystery Kendamas are a surprise, and can not be refunded or exchanged.