Mystery Kendama


Looking for a cheaply priced Kendama to jam? Not too picky about the color? We've got something just for you! Introducing the "Mystery Kendama".

For $14.99 you get a brand new Sweets Kendama that is picked at random by us.

Could be a marble, could be an aTack, could be Cushion, could be something you've never even seen or heard of before.

Some of the Mystery Kendamas may be slightly blemished, like a pinhole in the paint or a marble with uneven color distribution, but no defects that would affect the way it plays. Basically, for $14.99 you get a Kendama that would normally sell for $20-50. What a steal!

* Some "Mystery Kendamas" are products of our research and development process, and some might be older paints that we are not using any more. We can't guarantee that every single "Mystery Kendama" purchased will be Extremely Chip Resistant, but every one will play true to form.

** Mystery Kendamas do not come with an extra string or bead.

Mystery Kendamas are a surprise, and can not be refunded or exchanged due to style issues.