Homegrown Next Gen - Splice V2 - Ash Padauk Walnut

$59.99 $69.99

The Splice gets its name from combining multiple species of woods into one beautiful kendama. This time around we have done that with both the tama and the ken. 

The Homegrown Splice V2 features an Ash tama with a Padauk tacking hole, Walnut and Padauk triple stripe, and a Walnut top hole. This tama is made to look, and play, amazing.  The Ash ken also features a thin Padauk stripe. Paired together you get the grippiness of ash, and Padauk lines that will help you track and land any trick.  We are incredibly proud of how this kendama looks and plays, and hope you enjoy it as well. The ken is Next Gen shape and the tama is strung with a spinner bead. 

Every complete Homegrown Kendama comes boxed with an HG Grain Print Bandana, HG Stickers, HG Pin, and an extra string and bead.

Sweets Kendamas has partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation, so that every Homegrown kendama bought plants a tree!