PRIME CUSTOM V18 - Avocado Toast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but breakfast foods shouldn't be limited to just the early morning hours. We love getting our bfast on at any time of the day here at Sweets, so we decided to bring that passion over to the damas!

This run of Prime Customs are all hand painted here in the Sweets Lab to represent some of our favorite breakfast foods! Finished off with Cushion Clear and strung to a Prime ken, these damas look, play, and taste amazing!*

Avocado Toast might hit the headlines because of Millennial diets, but that doesn't mean it can't hang on a tama. The top 70% of this tama is covered in a classic green haze speckled with red to add a little zest. The bottom 30% is a light tan with a brown stripe to make sure you get your grains. The tracking on this one is amazing and is sure to catch some extra glances when you are out to brunch.

Prime Customs are Prime Kendamas, painted in the Sweets Lab. We want to provide a premium version of the Prime line, and show off what our in-house painters can do! Prime Customs have their own packaging, include a spinner bead and have a cross ken on the handle instead of the Sweets mark, but the shape, specs and measurements of the kendama are exactly the same as a regular Prime. Because Prime Customs are painted by hand, there may be some variation between what is pictured and what you receive. 

*Kendamas are not actually flavored to match the foods they are represented. Licking or attempting to eat these kendamas may result is splinters on your tongue.