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Welcome to the Sweets Lab!

We are constantly looking to push kendama forward in terms of play and style. The Sweets Lab series do just that. Maple BOOST kens, Cushion Clear & amazing designs make these some of the best limited edition kendamas available on the market.

Picking up where the Prime Custom line left off, the Sweets Lab V21s are here. We are calling these the Casino series, for obvious reasons. We had to go big for our 21st V, and the Blackjack theme came to mind first. That evolved to a full range of kendama and apparel. Check out each design and pick the one that suites you best, act fast because these are going to go quick!


No snake eyes on this roll. With the Casino theme in mind, we knew dice had to hit the table. This design is simple and classy, perfect for every occasion. 


  • Maple V21 Ken
    • BOOST Shape
    • Dice engraving in Big Cup
    • Playing Card Engraving in Small Cup
    • 777 Engraving opposite Sweets logo
    • Balence Bevel in Base Cup
  • Oversized Beech Tama
    • Cushion Clear
    • Unique playing card design
    • White tracking around the bevel 
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String
  • V21 Sticker Pack


Look at all the past V designs here: https://www.instagram.com/sweetspaintlab/

Designed in the Sweets Lab by: https://www.instagram.com/p_r_m_t/