We wanted to transform some of our favorite summer treats into Kendamas so we came up with the dessert series where there is something for everyone. This is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry. No fancy names here just a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Kendama. We have a chocolate top with a peanut splatter and a strawberry bottom with chocolate splatter meeting at a  wavy tracking line that plays great. The hole has the bright green accent to represent the green stem on the Strawberry and is excellent for spotting spikes.

Each V14 is finished with Cushion Clear and comes laced with a Sweets Spinner Bead on a Beech Wood Ken

Prime Customs are Prime Kendamas, painted in the Sweets Lab. We want to provide a premium version of the Prime line, and show off what our in-house painters can do! Prime Customs have their own packaging, include a spinner bead and have a cross ken on the handle instead of the Sweets mark, but the shape, specs and measurements of the kendama are exactly the same as a regular Prime. Because Prime Customs are painted by hand, there may be some variation between what is pictured and what you receive.