2016 Kendama World Cup Champion | Bryson Lee

2016 Kendama World Cup Champion | Bryson Lee

Sweets Kendamas would like to send a massive CONGRATULATIONS to our very own 2016 Kendama World Cup Champion - Bryson Lee !
Bryson hails from Hawaii, specifically Mililani on the island of Oahu. Bryson earned his place on the Sweets Kendamas "Focus" team last summer through an online sponsorship contest, however our first glimpse of Bryson came when visiting the islands in years prior. Bryson was the quiet kid at competitions, but his skills spoke volumes for him and we all knew he had something special. We were honored when Bryson committed himself to our sponsorship competition and we were able to offer him a spot on the team. It's tough to have a favorite when you have so many skilled players competing, and knowing that anything can happen at a competition, but Bryson was a favorite of many players who knew his work ethic and had seen his practice runs. Needless to say, Bryson stepped up to the plate in Japan and proved himself to be a world class competitor, earning a record breaking 976 points in his final run! (Note that for 2016 the final score included the previous days run, which it did not in prior years. Bryson's first day score was 80)
Another huge congrats goes out to Homegrown Team members Lukas Funk and Nick Gallagher Lukas Funk placed 2nd for the second year in a row, proving his skill level and consistency on the biggest stage in Kendama! Nick Gallagher took 1st in the KWC's Freestyle competition, beating out a huge group of contestants from around the world. Overall, we could't be more proud of these guys as well as the rest of the team who helped motivate and cheer these guys on all weekend.

Watch all the action that unfolded first hand via the event Live Steam! Day 1

Day 2 (Bryson's run starts at 06:18:00)

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