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The Major Annual Kendama Competitions/Events
Four of the biggest and most-popular annual kendama events!
NAKO 2023 Online : What You Need to Know
Everything you need to know about NAKO Online 2023, including where to watch, how to enter, and much more!
Mike Boyd is the master of learning new skills, this time he takes on KENDAMA!!
Women in Kendama - Accounts You Need to Follow
We're celebrating Women's History Month by celebrating the women in kendama! Click through to find about more about these incredible members of the kendama community that we wanted to highlight.
10 Accessories Every Kendama Player Needs
Check out this list of 10 items that will help you in a pinch, make life easier, and help you take kendama with you anywhere!
Who is Boo Johnson? Kendama X Skateboarding - Sweets Mob
SHOP THE NEW BOO JOHNSON KENDAMA NOW! The Sweets Mob is our team of players who share our love of kendama, but are professionals in their own walks of life. Whether it’s Skateboarding, BMX, or one of the many other...
The Best Beginner Kendamas - 2023
There are so many kendamas, it's so tough to pick one! Not to worry, we're here to help; these are the BEST Entry-Level kendamas you can get. Find out more!
How to Play Guess That Trick: the Newest Kendama Party Game!
Presenting the newest kendama game, Guess That Trick, created by our very own Cody Griz! Click through to see our team play and how YOU can run this game with fellow kendama friends!
28 Tricks Later: The Ultimate Kendama Challenge (#28TricksLater Explained)
It's the annual challenge that everyone's got their eyes on! Click here for everything you need to know about the 28 Tricks Later Challenge and participate in 2023.
The Perfect Gift - The Sweets Starter Kendama
GET STARTED NOW! Everyone starts playing kendama somewhere. It could be from seeing kendama on TV, in a YouTube video, or even on a shelf at a store. Most often what happens, however; people start playing when they are gifted a kendama...
Netflix Made A Kendama!
2022 is quickly becoming the most insane year for kendama exposure of all time and marks one of the most exciting moments in kendama history to date; Netflix made a kendama! Even with kendama being more popular than it's ever been, we're still...
Learn more about working with the Sweets Kendamas Foundation, become an instructor, and get paid to teach kendama!
"Sponsor Me Sweets!" Kendama Sponsorship Video Contest Details
The "Sponsor Me Sweets!" Sponsorship Video Contest is back after nearly seven years. Read more about how to enter and get a chance to join the Sweets Team!
The 2022 North American Kendama Open: Panels & Workshops
Find details on all of the extra activities happening this year at NAKO!
The 2022 North American Kendama Open: Trick Lists
If you want to compete in the largest kendama event of 2022, all of the tricks you need to know are right here!
The 2022 North American Kendama Open: Event Details
IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN KENDAMA OPEN! REGISTER NOW FOR NAKO 2022! The North American Kendama Open, the United States' largest annual kendama event, is coming up soon (September 9-11). After the past few years of hosting the...
10 Unusual Kendama Tricks You Can Learn Right Now
We've compiled 10 funky, unusual, and surprising tricks you can learn today. Click to read and learn all of them!
Top 10 Best Tricks for Getting Friends into Kendama
This list contains the Top 10 best tricks you should do when introducing someone to kendama! Click to read and learn all ten!
Kendama Music: 10 Songs Inspired by Kendama
Music and kendama go perfectly together. We cement the proof here with 10 songs inspired by kendama! Click to listen and read more!
Marvel's Thor Plays Kendama!
BEGIN YOUR KENDAMA JOURNEY TODAY One of the many reasons we love kendama; it can be played anytime, anywhere, and by anyone; this can even include superheroes. With the Friday, July 8 release of Thor: Love and Thunder, it's now...
Anime X Kendama! 10 Kendama Appearances in Japanese Animation
SUGOI! A collection of 10 different anime series that include our favorite skill game, kendama!