General FAQ's:

Head to If you have an account, you can log in right there with your username and password. If you don’t have an account, click on “Create Account” to get started!

If you would like to email us directly, please reach out to If you'd prefer to reach us by phone, you can call us at (952) 322-7075.

All orders placed on Sweets Kendamas will immediately be assigned a unique Order Number. This number is the internal identifier for YOUR order. Armed with that number, you will know when your order is processed and when it is shipped. We send shipping confirmation emails once your order leaves our warehouse, and you can also check the status of your order by logging into your account at

Some shipping options are trackable and are assigned a tracking number from the shipping carrier. Whenever applicable, that tracking number will be sent to you via email. Note that sometimes, a tracking number may not tell EXACTLY where your order is (only that it is "en route"). Please note that First Class Mail International may not provide location-specific tracking information once the package leaves the USA.

First of all, thank you so much for the support! It can take roughly 2-3 months to get Pre-Orders in-house at our shop from the date of the Pre-Order Window closing. Once items arrive, all Pre-Orders will be shipped as quickly as possible. Please note, if any other items are included with your Pre-Order upon purchase, those items will ship WITH your Pre-Order.

We are here around the clock to help you - don't worry. If you have any questions on an order already placed, or an order you would LIKE to place, send us an email so we can make sure things are resolved.

Yes! There is an option on each product to have it strung lefty (or will be soon, after a few brief website updates) or you can leave a note on your order requesting which items you want to be strung for left-handed play

We cannot promise that we will be able to meet every request, but if you leave a note on your order, we will do our best to make it happen. If we can’t, don’t worry, even World-Class players don’t mind playing kendamas with differing weights - you can read more about kendama weights on our BLOG.

Of course! Any of the Sweets HQ squad would be more than happy to sign your kendama or box. Please just leave a note on your order or contact with who you would like to sign it and where.

This process may hold your order for a few days, as all our staff is not always in the office every day.

This is also limited to Pros/Employees who work at Sweets HQ, like Matt & Cooper, and not our entire team

Every order comes with some stickers, but we are always happy to send out some more!Please send a Self Addressed Stamped envelope to:

SWEETS KENDAMAS ATTN: STICKERS2920 Talmage Ave SE #150Minneapolis, MN 55408

We want you to end up with your items in perfect condition. If they don’t arrive that way, let us know at We may ask for photos so we can see what happened, but we will sort things out for you.

Please reach out to us at Rest assured, we'll make sure you receive the correct products as soon as possible.

Product FAQ's:

We are a kendama-first brand that puts all our efforts into making some of the best-playing kendamas in the world while supporting the community fully.

We spend a lot of time crafting our kendamas to be the best for both beginners and professional-level players. More inexpensive kendamas feature outdated shapes that may actually hinder progression and make kendama less fun.

We are also here for you every step of the way, from TUTORIALS on how to play, to an awesome CS team to help you with any issues you face.

Aside from a few exceptions, most items on our site do not get restocked once we sell out - since we release new kendamas all the time, we're always clearing space in our warehouse. We do our best to make a good habit of posting restock updates as well as new release info for popular products on social media, so following us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and subscribing to our email newsletter are two great ways to stay in the know on what you can look forward to.

Sticky Clear is, for lack of a better term, sticky.  It is our standard factory clear and gives a gloss look and a lot of stick right out of the box.

Cushion Clear is a clear coat we invented here in Minnesota and can only be painted in the Sweets Lab. It gives a matte look and a lot of grip, it has a rubber-like feel and is our more premium paint.

Kendamas break in over time the more you play them, and that means eventual chipping and wear on the paint. Think about how thrashed a well-loved skateboard can look. While our Kendamas are built to last, damage is inevitable, simply due to the nature of kendama play.

Play-damaged products cannot be replaced or refunded. Inspect your Kendama closely before playing, and please reach out to us at if you suspect that you've received a defective product.

Playing carefully and softly can help your kendamas last longer. When you are learning/dropping your kendama a lot, playing over grass/carpet will help preserve it more than pavement or other hard surfaces. Also, note that not all tricks wear the same, and some tricks can accelerate wear more than others. Most experienced players even prefer a broken-in/beat-up Kendama. They aren't meant to look pretty forever, so use them and love them!

Don't worry, string happens! The string is the most likely part to wear out first, but luckily, they are cheap and easy to replace. Every complete Kendama we sell comes with 1 extra standard string & bead so you have a backup. We also sell packs of strings in a variety of colors. Check out our Stringing Tutorial Video to learn how to re-string your kendama. This is also helpful if you are a Lefty and need to restring one as soon as you get it.

Since wood is a natural material, wood can expand and/or contract due to a variety of environmental factors. Traditional Kendama designs (like ours) allow for the Sarado (cups) to separate from the spike so that it can be re-strung. Firmly pressing the cups back down will usually fix the issue. If the cups become too loose, we do have a few tricks for getting them to stay: tear a small piece (about the size of your thumbnail) from the sticky area of a sticky note and apply it to your Sword (spike) before pushing the cups back into place. Double-sided tape, a small piece of tape that has adhesive on both sides, is a solid alternative. Both of these materials add some extra stickiness and width between the two pieces of wood and help the cups stay on the spike.

Note: using super glue can permanently affix your cups to the spike. We do not suggest this.


Once an online order is completed, you will receive an automated email confirming the purchase with an Order Number. This email is your receipt – proof that the order went through. If you do not receive this email, there might have been an error with the information entered, or the transaction could have been declined due to a credit card info error. If you think your order went through but you don’t have an order number, please contact us before attempting another transaction. Multiple unsuccessful attempts can mean multiple authorizations on your card/account which is no fun to deal with and may freeze your credit card account.

Items in new/unplayed condition can be returned in the original packaging within 15 days of order delivery. Items that are defective or damaged in transit may be eligible for return; please contact our customer service team here to ask about a return.

Please note that Sweets Kendamas is not responsible for the return shipping costs unless the items are defective or damaged upon arrival.

As soon as we receive the returned order and it is verified to be in perfect condition, a refund will be given as a Gift Card (store credit) or a refund to the original payment method.

Lost order? For orders to the USA, contact our team within 30 days of purchase for support. For orders outside of the USA, contact our team within 6 weeks of purchase for support.

We do our best to process all orders within 1 business day. Once we process and pack your order, you’ll receive another email confirming the shipment. This email will include a Tracking Number which will allow you to track your package every step of the way. When you initially receive this email, the tracking number may not provide any information - it usually takes a few hours for the tracking info to populate. If the tracking number has not been updated by the following business day, please contact our customer service team.

International orders are marked as “wooden toy”. VAT may still apply in many countries, so be sure to check your local importation regulations.

For example, orders shipped to the U.K. are subject to a Value Added Tax, which is out of our control. Every order is marked with the actual dollar value. For legal reasons, values cannot be substituted. You are responsible for paying any taxes and fees charged when your order is imported.

While we do our best to ship orders within 1 business day, processing times can vary. Please keep holidays, weekends, and the busy Christmas Season in mind when ordering. We ship from our warehouse Monday-Friday, so an order placed on Friday will usually ship out the following Monday. 

If you placed an order and don’t receive any shipping updates within 1 business day, there are a couple of things that could have happened:

- Unavailable items - If we are unable to fulfill something in your order, we will contact you to inform you, so keep an eye out for any emails coming from us.

- Address is incorrect or invalid - If we run into any discrepancies with your shipping address, we’ll contact you to resolve the error.

- Carrier error. Sometimes tracking systems can have issues and will not update or display information correctly. If you think something is off, just let us know and we’ll do our best to clue you in on what’s going on. We can’t fix carrier errors, but we can at least let you know whether or not the package left our warehouse.

If you need to make any changes to your shipping address, please send us an email as soon as possible to ensure that we see it before your package is shipped. We try to ship everything as quickly as possible, but always check our email before shipping begins for the day.

When a transaction is attempted, funds for the purchase are pre-authorized by your bank/credit card company to make sure the amount is available. If the transaction is declined for any reason and the order doesn't complete, the pre-authorized amount may be held by your banking institution for a period of time. Most banks return these pre-authorized funds to accounts relatively quickly, but this process can take anywhere between 1-7 business days and is largely dependent on your individual bank/credit card company. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up this process, but you can reach out to your banking institution to find out more.

Our apparel is printed to order and shipped separately from other items on our website by our Third Party Printing Service. Unless otherwise specified, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.


Check out our LEARN page and BLOG for a lot of awesome kendama information and history. You can also check our YOUTUBE for tons of tutorials to help you learn new tricks

Our social media channels are a great way to stay updated about product drops, events, giveaways, and more. INSTA, YOUTUBE, TIKTOK, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, TWITCH

We also have a newsletter that is full of important updates you can sign up for at the very bottom of our website or by filling out the flyout box when it appears during your visit to our website.

Our social media channels are packed with tags and DMs every day. We do our best to get back to everyone, but sometimes that isn’t possible.

The best way to get in contact with us is to send an email to

We see a ton of amazing content every day. We don’t take submissions for posts at the moment, but if you tag us in your public post, we may share it on our Story or Feed!

Sometimes our emails end up in Spam, so please be sure to check that folder! Mark any messages from us in there as “not spam” and be sure to add to your contact list to prevent this from happening in the future.

You can sign up for our newsletter at the very bottom of our website pages or by filling out the flyout box when it appears during your visit to our website.

If you have trouble, please reach out to us via email and we can help you get signed up!

We do weekly giveaways for our subscribers on TWITCH and giveaways on our INSTA & TIKTOK every few months. Keep an eye out and you might be able to win one!

We just held a “Sponsor Me” contest recently, so we aren’t currently looking to add more players to the squad. 

Practice hard, spread kendama love, do well in comps, make dope content, and grow your name in the community.

We don't often add people to the team. Generally, it's someone we have known for a while and who we get along with well. Our team is a family. Keep grinding and anything is possible

The Sweets Kendamas Foundation or SKF (formally known as Kendama Institute) is our non-profit organization. SKF's mission is to teach growth mindset, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness through play with kendama. 

You can learn more about the Foundation here:

We love that you are looking to spread kendama love through your store or personal outreach! Please fill out the form HERE to start the process!

This is a struggle we all know. The best way to have friends to play with is to teach them how to play! Start with a FIRST SPIKE and see if you can get them hooked! You also never know if there are players nearby that you just haven't met yet so keep an eye on our socials for any upcoming events in your area!

There are also some amazing virtual kendama communities on Instagram, Reddit, Discord, Twitch, and Facebook. If you can’t find someone to play with in person, the online kendama community is an awesome option as well.


Dama Dollars is a system that lets us reward you, our valued Dama Fam! Earn reward points for every purchase you make, which you can then redeem for discount codes and exclusive items in the future! Learn more HERE.

$1 spent on = 5 Dama Dollars

1,000 Dama Dollars = $20 Code

2,000 Dama Dollars = $45 Code

3,000 Dama Dollars = $70 Code

Dama Dollars have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

If you have made recent purchases, but do not see dama dollar awards for them when you log into your account, this usually means that your purchase was made as a guest OR using a different email address than the one you used to sign up. In either case, please reach out to us so we can take a look. Please note that due to program limitations, we are only able to fix errors regarding orders placed within 60 days of your signup date.

We're sorry - Dama Dollars only apply to purchases made on