When will the product I’m shopping for be back in stock?

Most items on our site will be restocked from time to time, unless they are described as a “limited release”. If you want to be notified when an out of stock product is available again, just enter your email address into the form that pops up on an out of stock product where the “add to cart” button would normally be. Once stock has been replenished, you’ll receive an email. We also make a good habit of posting restock updates as well as new release info for popular products on social media, so following us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter is another great way to stay on top of it..

My paint is chipping, what do I do?

While we are happy to replace any products that arrive damaged or defective, we cannot replace products that have been damaged due to play. Inspect your Kendama closely before you start to play it. If you think you received a defective product, please contact us right away so we can get the problem sorted out. Even though we design our Kendamas to be as durable as possible, damage is somewhat inevitable. Players can keep their damas looking fresh longer by playing more carefully and using softer hands. Certain tricks can also speed up the wear-process. Most seasoned players will agree that a broken-in/beat-up Kendama is their favorite Kendama. They aren’t meant to look pretty forever, so use them and love them!

My string broke, what do I do?

The string is the most likely part of the Kendama to wear out. Luckily, they are cheap and easy to replace. Every complete Kendama we sell comes with 1 extra standard string and bead so that you have a backup. We also sell packs of strings in a variety of colors. (link to strings) Check out our stringing tutorial video to teach you how to re-string your kendama. This is helpful too if you are a lefty and need to restring the kendama as soon as you get it.

My cups are coming loose, what do I do?

Traditional Kendama designs (like ours) allow for the Sarado (cups) to separate from the spike so that it can be re-strung. Over time, wood can expand and/or contract. If you restring your Kendama often, the repeated removal of the cups will inevitably loosen the fit. Oftentimes just firmly pressing the cups back down will fix the issue. If the cups become too loose, we have a trick for getting them to stay. Note: using super glue can permanently stick your cups to the spike, we advise against this.

I just placed an order, what’s next?

Once an online order is completed, you will receive an automated email confirming the purchase with an Order Number. This email is your receipt – proof that the order went through. If you do not receive this email, there might have been an error with information entered, or the transaction could have been declined due to a credit card info error. If you think your order went through but you don’t have an order number, please contact us before attempting another transaction. Multiple unsuccessful attempts can mean multiple authorizations on your card/account which is no fun to deal with and may freeze your credit card account.

How do I track my order?

We do our best to process all orders within 1 business day. Once we process and pack your order, you’ll receive another email confirming the shipment. This email will include a USPS Tracking Number which will allow you to track your package every step of the way. When you initially receive this email, the tracking number will most likely not populate in the USPS system. It takes a few hours for the tracking info to show up. If it has not updated by the next business day, please contact our customer service team.

Why has my order not shipped?

While we do our best to ship orders within 1 business day, processing times can vary. Please keep holidays, weekends and the busy Christmas Season in mind when ordering. We ship from our warehouse Monday-Friday, so an order placed Friday will ship out the following Monday at the earliest. If you placed an order and don’t receive any shipping updates within 1 business day, there are a couple things that could have happened. -Missing items from order. We will contact you to inform you, so keep an eye out for any emails coming from us. -Address is incorrect. Again, in this instance we’ll contact you to resolve the error with the shipping address -USPS is having issues. Sometimes the USPS tracking system has issues and will not update or display information correctly. If you think something is off, just let us know and we’ll do our best to clue you in on what’s going on. We can’t fix USPS, but we can at least let you know whether or not the package left our warehouse.

How do I update my shipping address?

If you need to make changes to your address, please send us an email with the correct address as soon as possible to ensure that we see it before shipping. We try to ship everything as quickly as possible, but always check our email before shipping for the day.

My order did not go through but my card was charged, what’s going on?

Every time a credit card transaction is attempted, the funds are pre-authorized to make sure they are available. If the transaction is declined for any reason, this pre-authorization will still be in effect. It can take anywhere from 1-7 business days for your pre-authorization to clear. This time is dependent upon your individual bank/credit card company and unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up the process.