Ben Lowe A.K.A. @cutthenoise A.K.A. Unboxing Extraordinaire

Ben Lowe A.K.A. @cutthenoise A.K.A. Unboxing Extraordinaire

There have been a lot of people in kendama throughout the years who have attempted to do vlog/unboxing videos consistently. Most of them fell off at one point or another. Ben Lowe ( @cutthenoise ) has picked up where these others have failed and is doing it with an unbiased, colorful and comedic take on things. He has been documenting his kendama journey over the past 6 months. For the first few months he was just documenting his progression in play, until he posted the video below. This is one of his most viewed videos and really set him on the path he is on today. He honestly reviews products that he has played or has been gifted. We liked what Ben was doing so much we sent him a few Sweets HG products and Pro Mods to see what he had to say. Give him a subscribe to his Youtube Channel today HERE.

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  • Congarranza

    Sweets, thanks for supporting the community. Love seeing our people getting hooked up without being a world class player. This just come to show that if you work hard you will get rewarded. Ben has definitely put in a lot of hard work keeping a family, working full time and slaying!

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