1.) Wiz Khalifa - Studio sesh + spike Even Wiz Khalifa, a world touring rap superstar hailing from Pittsburgh, couldn't escape the kendama craze. In the original clip posted years ago you can see Wiz getting super stoked about getting big cup and eventually the spike. Awesome![/ezcol_2third_end] 2.) One Direction - Kendama Shenanigans One Direction played kendama on camera while touring in Japan, this vine catches Louis red handed cheating haha. Unfortunately I was unable to find a longer video of this but its still priceless footage regardless[   3.) Antwuan Dixon - Big Cup, Little Cup Antwuan Dixon is/was a well known skater within the skateboard community, known for his crazy antics and abrasive personality as well as his buttery skating style. He is also very well known for his landmark part in the Baker Has a Deathwish video which initially put him on the map. this video of Dixon jamming dama surfaced on our twitter posted by the homie Tio looks like he's playing an Ozora, but its hard to tell.[/ezcol_2third_end] 4.) Mike Tyson  - Ernie Tacoma homie Ernie Enkhzaya posted one of the funniest celebrity kendama videos of him and Mike Tyson jamming at a meet and greet. Tyson never lands a big cup, and even manages to drop the dama, but after his attempts he poses for some funny dama pics, props to Ernie for doing this![/ezcol_2third_end] 5.) Mod Sun jammin a homegrown Mod Sun, a super positive hippy-hop artist originally from MN now based out of LA, got his hands on a homegrown! He had posted another video of himself jamming on twitter, so Mod is obviously aware of kendama and plays from time to time. Check out some of his music HERE
アメージングスパイダーマン! 夢元無双 プレゼント! A photo posted by Kazuma Iwata (@mugenmusou) on
6.) Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone + Jamie Foxx - The Amazing Spiderman 2 Cast playing Kendama in Japan While touring Asia to promote The Amazing Spiderman 2, the main cast, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone + Jamie Foxx, gave kendama a try on a Japanese television show, unfortunately I was unable to find the actual video, but the proof is in the picture! Props to Kazuma for posting this!