Best Celebrity Kendama Moments Part 2

Best Celebrity Kendama Moments Part 2


1.) Tyler The Creator of Odd Future - Pop Up Pop Out The homie Kristian Aynedter caught Tyler at an Odd Future Pop up shop in California a few years ago. I think the best part about this photo is Tyler’s facial expression, he definitely looks like he isn’t interested in the kendama, but regardless its a great celebrity kendama moment for the books. 


 2.) Faze Clan - Pro Gamers Messing Around With Kendama Faze Clan are one of the most popular and well known gamer clans in the world, and somehow some way they have a Sweets Marble Biggie at their house! You can see it in a video posted on Faze Apex’s channel, giving Nikan a hard time for getting the internet banned for downloading the Minions movie. LOL! 

 3.) DJ Khaled - Another One! While on tour with The Stand4rd, our good friend Bobby Raps got some face time with the legendary DJ Khaled after + during their sold out concert at SOB’s in New York, where Khaled also made a shoutout video to The Stand4rd Album (View HERE). DJ Khaled, dripping in gold and diamonds, and is also holding a rare Sweets x The Stand4rd kendama, which were sold during their tour a few years ago now.kitchendama1

 4.) Hannah Hart - Drunk Kitchen Nicknacks  Some of you may have heard of the famous Youtuber Hannah Hart, or have heard of her fun youtube blog series’, like My Drunk Kitchen, or Advice from the Hart. In this episode where she is showing off her new kitchen, she flashed her favorite nicknacks she keeps around, and one of them is a Kendama! Her kendama can be seen making cameos on other episodes where its displayed on her wall as well. Great exposure for kendama! Shoutout @bobbyraps who got me and the fellas addicted to Kendama........ I need a new one! — MR. CAR/\\ACK (@mrcarmack) December 16, 2015

 5.) Mr. Carmack - Eclectic Kendama Vibes When this picture popped up on the Sweets Twitter timeline we couldn’t believe it. This moment was crazy for a few reasons; first, I can’t name how many times I’ve heard Mr. Carmack (Soulection affiliate + solo touring artist) beats used in kendama edits, insta clips and snap wars; second, he has a Sweets Kendama! Apparently the homie Bobby Raps put him onto kendama. I wonder what tama he had for his ken (The Stand4rd tama maybe?) Shoutout Bobby one more time for getting kendama into so many important artists hands! Spreading the Love is what its all about!


6.) Stevie Johnson - First Try Or Die! While visiting Fox 5 San Diego News, San Diego Chargers (former Buffalo Bills + San Francisco 49er’s) wide receiver Stevie Johnson was challenged to try out a kendama on air live, and he got big cup first try! Priceless.[/ezcol_2fifth_end]

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