Coop's Picks: Cinematic Kendama Videos

Coop's Picks: Cinematic Kendama Videos

As the videographer and editor for Sweets Kendamas, I really appreciate style and cinematography in kendama videos. I strive to make my videos unique, entertaining, and high quality. A lot of the time that means pre-planning my shots and putting in the extra effort to get that second angle. Kendama film makers like Colin Sander, Jake Wiens, Matt Ballard and others have really set the bar high with their high quality videos that constantly serve as inspiration for me. My favorite kendama edits aren’t necessarily the ones that have the most bangin’ tricks but the ones that look and appeal to me the most. Below I have compiled a list of my favorite cinematic kendama edits (no specific order). Give them a watch and enjoy the beauty that is kendama.

1. Colin Sander - Cherry Wood Pro Model - IVY

Edited by Colin Sander

The Frank Ocean soundtrack, the miniature pyramid scene they built, and the beautiful closeups of the kendama make this video one of my all time favorites to watch. So epic.


Edited by Matt Ballard

Matthew Ballard is a magician. Every piece of video he touches turns to gold. There’s a good reason this video is titled the “world’s best kendama film.” Israel is such a beautiful unique filming location and Ballard does a great job of highlighting the vibes of the country with his slo-mo editing and music. So pleasant to watch.

3. Where We Are - Wenatchee Kendama Team

Edited by Matt Ballard

WKT was one of the first big official kendama teams made up of just homies. They were based out of Wenatchee WA and spawned players like Matthew Ballard, Keith Matsumura, Nick Mayo, and many others. They were the first people to make an actual kendama film. Their first film is called “Count Me In” and “Where We Are” is their second. This video really shows how kendama love spreads across the globe and its always nice to see OG faces like Hunter Bailey and Adam Kingman.

4. Kendama USA Pro Models - Series 4

Edited by Colin Sander Nobody can make a kendama look good like Sander. This video doesn’t even have any tricks and yet its still one of my favorites ever!
5. Kendama USA - Inside the Mind - Keith Matsumura

Edited by Colin Sander

This video is one of a kind in the kendama world. Take an in-depth look into the life of pro Keith Matsumura with this documentary style edit. This video is so interesting and well-made.

6. Grain Theory Prospect Mods

Edited by Jake Wiens

I was so hyped on this video when it first came out! There’s one thing you can guarantee when Jake Wiens edits a video… it will turn out stylish. I love how this video is split into three totally different different sections with different music and the shots of the spectra wood kendamas are so money. Shoutout to the glitchy old school boombox vibes too, I dig it.

7. Imada Hiromu: Portrait of a Kendama Sensei

Edited by Matt Ballard

When I was first starting kendama I would notice on some old mugens or old shin fujis there would sometimes be some Japanese writing and symbols painted on the ken. I never knew who wrote it or for what reason but I did know those kendamas were authentic and straight from the hands of a kendama master somewhere in Japan. With this video, Matthew Ballard reveals who the real life kendama sensei is and what he stands for. With all the dama hype in America, this video reminds me of the deep ancient roots kendama has. Not to mention it is extremely well made.


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