Cushion Cleared F3 Single Stripes

Cushion Cleared F3 Single Stripes

Haven’t you always wanted a kendama that is grippy for those difficult balance tricks and designed well for tracking the hole on those satisfying ender spikes? The new F3 single stripe is the kendama for you. Painted in the Sweets shop, these are made by kendama players for kendama players.

The tama is available in three color-ways: Sweets green, seafoam, and a reddish orange. All three are topped with a nice dark grey single stripe. The contrast between the bright colors and the grey stripe make playing this line a hole tracker’s paradise.

Not only are these kendamas nice to play because of the stripes, they are coated with our signature Cushion Clear which make them that much more playable right out of the box and for the whole life of the dama. You won’t be able to put these down.

The featured promo was filmed in Detroit Michigan during the Dama in the D 3 event last May.  Sweets pro's Cooper Eddy and Christian Fraser got off the plane in the D and were greeted by focus team member Jon Miller. They got on their film grind right away and visited the old abandoned Michigan Central Station. The abandoned buildings littered about Detroit make for a beautiful video backdrop. That weekend was a successful one for Sweets kendamas! Cooper Eddy took home first place in the Pro/Open division at Dama in the D and Christian Fraser won first place in the Freestyle Division. A Sweets sweep! We can’t wait to be back next year!


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