#HGARBORDAY2016 Photo Contest Results

#HGARBORDAY2016 Photo Contest Results

The results are in! We had so many entries submitted for our Homegrown x Arbor Day Foundation Photo Contest! Kendama players really do love trees. Some great photos and even more fascinating stories were shared. It took some effort to narrow our choice down to one, but here you have it. (winners: please contact us on Instagram with your shipping info. Honorable mentions will be getting a little swag pack from us as well) The winner of the #HGARBORDAY2016 is @dropdead_kendama_zep !!! This entry stood out the most to us. The imagery is beautiful with the sunset in the background and silhouette of the tree and player focused in the foreground. We really loved the theme of reconnecting with childhood. Reading this brought a lot of feelings of nostalgia, when our days were spent playing in trees and not having a care in the world. Kendama is definitely a tool to reconnect with your inner child and get in touch with nature. Never stop exploring nature and never stop acting like a kid! Thanks for the reminder, Vincent!

This photo was taken at bonelli park in San dimas (awarded tree city USA) (not sure what year) this evening. At a spot where I usually take a break from riding my bike around the park, or just to hang out after a long day. It wasn't until today that I stopped here to play with my kendama. Noticing the tree I decided to climb up the tree and play kendama. And I just felt really happy. Because I was doing two things I love to do. Climb trees and play kendama, the two things that make me feel like I am still a kid. Two very simple yet rewarding acts. So I had the idea to get my friend Michael up there and land a pull spike. I am really happy with the turn out. I know now that I will never stop climbing trees or playing kendama. I will never stop exploring through nature and just being a kid. @arbordayfoundation @homegrownbysweets @sweetskendamas #hgarborday2016 #kendama #tree #josevincentphotography #Nikond3100

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  Honorable Mentions:   @kendama_klaus  Klaus really impressed us by actually going out and planting a tree! Way to really participate in the Arbor Day festivities!! Thanks Klaus!

@kendagera Gergely's photo was another that stood out for both it's imagery and story. The tree pictured has a lot of history and meaning to his family. Trees can provide so much, not just from their resources like wood and nuts, but from the tradition and history around them that carries from generation to generation. Thanks for sharing, Gergely!

"This is a big, 20 meter high walnut tree behind our house. The tree was planted by my great-great grandfather when he was a child and it has more than 100 years. It is still healthy and gives us countless of nuts every year. This tree is important for my family and for me too. Because of the nut, what gives us health, employes us in those days and of course earns money for my family. It is a calm, beautiful place for me where I can shoot landscape photos of my area but especially I really like to play Kendama underneath. This tree is a part of my history, family and of course a part of me." @sweetskendamas @arbordayfoundation @homegrownbysweets #HGARBORDAY2016 #arborday #sweetskendamas #homegrown #braziliancherry #sweets #walnut #tree #kendama #sunset #nature #clouds #contest #photocontest #love #sharekendamalove #shadowdama #kendamaallday #kendamaeveryday

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@loserpieceofshit This one has such a unique perspective it really caught our eye. It's not often that you view roots from beneath them! Beautiful photo!

  @bemezii This photo is simply beautiful. It's pretty cool that a tree can produce such amazing flowers. We could look at it over and over again and never get sick of it.

#nature #photography #flower #tree #beautifulworld #ohioexplored #myohioadventure #ohio #kettering #dayton

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