Kendama Interview of the Year

Kendama Interview of the Year

This break down of kendama is some of the best 3 minutes you will listen to all year. It is hard to really encapsulate what it is kendama does for us. The kendama players in this interview know what is up. They are players from the East Coast more specifically New York where kendama is picking up steam every day. The way the interviewer describes the people playing makes me want to be there jamming with them. I've done a lot of interviews for kendama and they always seem to come out different than I remember saying it. This story in my opinion really shows the emotions and feelings surrounding kendama that aren't usually conveyed in stories like these.

Kendama means something different to all of us and that is why we love it. Keep playing kendama for reasons that make you happy and keep you motivated.

You can listen to the story at the top of this article or click the link <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> to go straight to the actual article

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