Moncton Canada is the biggest kendama hotspot you've never heard of. In April Max, Cooper, and myself headed up north to jam with the kendama shredders in Moncton. The owner of Scooter Alley Gary Devarennes had us come down to host a huge kendama jam and visit some of the local schools that host their own kendama clubs after school. We couldn't have been met with more hype when we showed up to the first school. Every grade from 2nd - 8th knew exactly who we were when we walked through the door. We took some time to show the kids all the classic kendama tricks, harder freestyle tricks, and Cooper always ended the demo with the infamous Tightrope. All in all we visited 3 different schools and met a lot of really cool kids and teachers. The jam night was bigger than anyone had expected. We had over 350 kids buy tickets and just as many parents stick around to see what all the fuss was about. The kids had all loved our demo we did in their school so much we had to do it for the parents too. We gave a lot of kendamas away and signed A LOT of kendamas. Gary is a great example of what can happen when you try to foster the kendama craze in your town. He sets up local players as sponsored players and they help spread the word about kendama. He really cares a lot about the kids and it shows in his shop everyday. When we left they gifted us a top notch scooter to ride around the shop when we got home. He will be glad to know it gets used every day scooting in between the Sweets Shops.