LEZDama - "Let's Dama" 2

LEZDama - "Let's Dama" 2


Last Saturday, the LA-based all-girl Team LEZDama hosted their 2nd Annual "Let's Dama" event at Long Beach, CA! The 7-hour-long event was a great success with a huge turnout of about 100 people and over 20 companies sponsoring many awesome prizes. Vendors included Sweets Kendamas, Kendama USA, Grain Theory, Kendama Mastaz, as well as local artists Jenny Cho and Kevin Luong selling their Kendama-inspired T-shirts, stickers, posters, and pins. Attendees traveled all the way from Las Vegas, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and even from Canada! Special guests included Sweets Focus Team member Alex Hirota, Haley Bishoff and Colin Sander of Kendama USA, Steph Lussier and Kristian Aynedter of Grain Theory, and Sweets Homegrown Team member Chelsea May Perez, a LEZDama team member herself. There were tons of mini-games, endless prizes raffled off, Beginner and Intermediate Ladders, as well as Advanced/Open Division. What made this event even more special to Team LEZDama was the 1st Place winner in Open being a fellow female Kendama player, Emmy Evans from Corona, CA! She attends a lot of SoCal events, and even placed 1st in Beginner Ladders at LEZDama's 1st annual event last year! Derek Astin took 2nd and Dylan Westmoreland took 3rd, both members of Tribe of Kendama USA! Team LEZDama was proud and happy to share their love of Kendama through this event. They hope to inspire other female Kendama players everywhere. Their motto: "Let's Dama!" IMG_2503 IMG_2586

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