Nick Gallagher is your 2018 Kendama World Champion

Nick Gallagher is your 2018 Kendama World Champion

For the 3rd year in a row the Sweets Kendamas Team was able snag a first place win at the Kendama World Cup. Nick Gallagher came to the World Cup with fire in his eyes this year. Nick has taken 1st in every comp he competed in this year so far... 

Dama in the D - ( 5/6/18 ) : 

Sakura Classic ( 4/15/18 ) : 

Tacoma Takeover ( 4/28/18 ) : 

JKA World Festa 2018 Speed Ladder Champ ( 7/15/18 ) :


Kendama World Cup 2018 ( 7/22/18 ) : 

This year there were 415 competitors from 18 Countries who competed for prize money that totaled 2,150,000 Yen!!!! That is equal to 19,289.80. Nick walked away with about $13,000 USD for his win this year! 

There is no questions that Nick is one of the best players in the world. We will see if he can keep this momentum rolling into MKO later this year and Catch and Flow at the end of the year. No player has ever won all major comps in one year. So was closest with 1st in all events except Catch and Flow. 

Below is the winning run from Nick. His score is the new record for highest score at the KWC. Couldn't be more proud of this kid. Congrats Nick! 


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