Recent Release Review | Alex Hirota

Recent Release Review | Alex Hirota

Focus Team member Alex Hirota reviews his three favorite products of our new 2016 line. #1: Blue Kiwi The Blue Kiwi. This color is one of my all-time favorite colors, not to mention it is topped off with the incredible and unmatched Cushion Clear. If you have 25 bucks to spend and want a quality Kendama, I highly recommend this one right here.

#2 Cheshire Cat: The Cheshire Cat. One of Sweets Kendamas’ signature paint styles, is the Marble. With the Cheshire Cat, it is a combination of the classic marble, a great new color way, and (of course) the fantastic new clear, For only 32 bucks… (shrug)

#3 Night Sky: Last but CERTAINLY not least, we have the Night Sky. With this Kendama, we are introducing a fun, new design called the “Splatter Split”. The “Splatter” on the top half of the tama varies greatly from one another, making every Splatter Split unique. 40 bucks for a unique, one-of-a-kind kendama…what more can I say.

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