Sweets Kendamas at KWC 2016 : Kendamas Used

Sweets Kendamas at KWC 2016 : Kendamas Used

At a high level competition like the Kendama World Cup, the Kendama selection by players leading up to the event is very important. Most Kendama players have different damas that work well for different types of tricks, but for KWC you have to figure out one or two setups that are going to work for you throughout the competition. We figured it would be cool to show everyone what kendama setups the Sweets team honed in on for this years cup! (Links to purchase are there for products that we have in stock) -

Bryson Lee (1st Place KWC) - Homegrown Maple w/ Walnut Stripe [Cushion] -

Lukas Funk (2nd Place KWC) - Homegrown Maple Ken + F3 "Freeza" Tama [Cushion] -

Nick Gallagher (1st Place Freestyle / 12th Place KWC) - Homegrown Maple [Natty] -

Zack Gallagher (15th Place KWC) - Homegrown Maple Ken + Homegrown Ash Tama [Natty] -

Parker Johnson (21st Place KWC) - F3 Fully Faded - Nightshade [aTack] -

Ocean Mamalias - Homegrown Birch [Natty] -

Nadira Dol - Homegrown Maple Raw Denim [Cushion] -

Taku Hatanaka - Homegrown R&D Series 02 [Natty] -

Brandon Meyer - Homegrown Maple w/ Padauk Stripe [Cushion] and Homegrown Maple Ken + F3 Freeza Tama [Cushion] -

George Marshall - Homegrown Spectra Grapevine + Maple w/ Grapevine Spectra Stripe Tama [Natty] -

Isaac Fine - Homegrown Maple Raw Denim [Cushion] -

Finn Loftenes - Homegrown Maple Raw Denim [Cushion] -

Max Norcross - Norx Pro Model [Cushion] -

Cooper Eddy - Cooper Eddy Pro Model [Cushion] and Homegrown Maple w/ Walnut Stripe + Homegrown Hickory Ken [Cushion] -

William Penniman - Homegrown Maple w/ Walnut Stripe [Cushion] -

Matt Jorgenson - Homegrown Reclaimed Elm Ken + Homegrown Maple w/ Walnut Stripe [Cushion]    

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to all the other players who were repping Sweets on stage at KWC! Whether you were using our string, wearing a shirt, playing a tama, etc., we sincerely thank you! It's probably one of the coolest things to travel to the other side of the world and meet people who are stoked on your products!

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