Sweets Picks Volume 1

Sweets Picks Volume 1

This post is a handful of recent kendama videos (in no particular order) that I've been watching and wanted to share with you guys!

1.) Kendama TPC - Conventional Ken   Kendama TPC is a group of Kendama players from Taiwan, and they've been in the game for a long time [these guys are some serious kendama dog's, check out their videos in my '12 Edits From 2011 Every Kendama Player Should Watch' post]. They made this edit to show off a new kendama made by Fucheng Kendama Company. The 'Conventional Ken', as TPC calls it, mixes the aesthetic and paint job of an old school Chinese Kendama but bears the shape of a new school ken. The filming in this video is a clean series of smooth shot of the players performing tricks in a beautiful temple, matching the look of their new kendama. I'm stoked to add one of these to the collection soon!  

2.) Kendama Drink Commercial - Taiwan Its not every day you see a kendama in a mass media commercial, let alone a Taiwanese alcoholic beverage commercial. Skip ahead 15 seconds and you will see a group of teenagers jamming kendama. Why do you think this beverage company wanted to show kendama in this way? Is kendama becoming so well known in Taiwan that people are recognizing it as a staple in popular culture? Either way its cool to see kendama portrayed in a positive way on the big screen for the masses.  

3.) ゴリラのはなくそ ["Booger Of Gorilla"]   When Zawa reposts a video its got to be good! The song is super funny, the masks are super funny, and the tricks he laces are absolutely nasty! Quad to quad is so crazy! Daisuke Togo from the Isaken Team kills it, check him out on instagram : @gooookun

4.) Dama Picnic Vol. 2  

This is one of the coolest kendama edits I've seen in a long time. The Editing of the video is on point! It makes you feel like you are there enjoying the festivities with them! This is the essence of kendama and what it means to lot of people. Everyone is bonding, sharing, performing and just having a genuine good time, can't really get any better than that, this is what its all about! #SpreadKendamaLove.

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