It's time for a new "contest", well not exactly... We have been inspired by various community themed edits we have seen, but we wanted to spice things up a bit. What we have come up with is sort of a hybrid of a contest and a community edit. What we ask of you is to film the craziest trick shot that you can with a Kendama. We're thinking big impact with one trick. Cut the strings and get creative. Please just submit 1 trick per person or crew. If you submit a clip as part of a crew you cannot submit another of your own. You can only be participating once.
After the 14th we'll go through all the clips and pick the best ones to put together into a montage of insane trick shots. Not everyone will get their clip featured, so in a sense it's a contest to get into the edit.
We will be choosing our favorite trick out of all of them and awarding that person with an early release of the next Homegrown Spectra series color. That's right, you'll have the new HG Spectra before anyone else in the world!
Please send in your clips to