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The BIGGEST Kendamas You've Ever Seen - The KAIJU Kendama


Sure, normal-sized kendamas are fun, but if you’ve never tried one, you can really switch things up and get creative juices flowing with a HUGE upgrade that will always wow anyone that sees one for the first time. We’re talking, of course, about the Kaiju Kendama, the best Jumbo kendama we’ve ever made!

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Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū) is a Japanese word meaning "strange creature" or "strange beast."  In English, it has come to mean "monster" or "giant monster", referring to creatures of a large size seen in Japanese movies and television. These giant monsters are usually attacking major cities and engaging the military and other monsters in battle. Folk stories like Babe the Blue Ox, monsters like the Megalodon, and legends like the Abominable Snowman, the Kaiju is reserved to honor the epic scale of these fabled creatures. 


Below, you can see how the Kaiju stacks up in shape and size against our other models, the Amped Shape and our Sumo. The Kaiju towers above all, standing at just over a foot tall and over 3 pounds. 

Amped - Sumo - Kaiju - Size Chart


There is a long tradition of making oversized or XXL kendamas for performance and practice, and as much as we’re changing the game, we also love the experience that playing a Kaiju provides. The Kaiju is a perfect size, it isn’t too unwieldy, but it’s just massive enough to be a real challenge.

We originally made the Kaiju for our Pro Team Member, Josh Grove, who also established the Sweets Kendamas Foundation. He and other kendama instructors needed something big enough for large groups to see from afar, but not so big that it was too heavy to play.

With that goal in mind, the original Kaiju was born and can be seen in the video below. Before the Kaiju got the name we know and love, it was known as the "MEGA Prime".

While the original intention for the Kaijus were kendama instructors, players enjoy them for many reasons. Due to their hefty weight and oversized proportions, every trick feels entirely different. Lacing even basic tricks on a Kaiju is no small feat, and since it is so big, everyone nearby will be able to see, and hear, when you land one.

Playing a Kaiju can also help you land some of the craziest tricks. Because everything is boosted, you can feel every small change in a position much more easily, making tricks you never thought possible on a regular-sized kendama very possible on a Kaiju. Not only that, but learning tricks on a Kaiju can also help you better understand the motions necessary to land a trick before trying it on a standard-sized model.

So many players enjoy our Kaijus, in February '22, we gave the community an add-on to the annual #28TricksLater challenge. An extra badge of honor was earned by every person who did a new trick on a Kaiju every day of February, as well as some extra muscle!

Read more about 28 Tricks Later HERE.



  • Laminated Beech Wood
  • Sticky Clear
  • Unique Box
  • Black Carrying Bag
  • Extra String
  • XXL sticker pack
  • Exclusive Poster

All of our Kaijus are always produced in limited batches. Once they are gone, we usually never make that design again, so if there’s a design in stock that you truly love, we recommend snagging it before it’s too late!

You will get a workout playing this kendama. Whether you want to perform in front of a crowd, film a unique video, or finally work kendama into your CrossFit routine; the Kaiju is the perfect dama for you!

Check out the Unboxing of our newest Kaiju below. Inspired by all of our favorite monstrous arachnids, we're proud to release the Giant Spider from it's den!



Make sure to tag us in your Kaiju clips on Instagram with #SweetsKendamas so we can see your level-ups!

This is an XXL Kendama made of solid wood.
It is much heavier than a normal kendama.
Play this kendama at your own risk to avoid injury or death.
The extra weight of this kendama makes it more prone to chipping when dropped or from normal play.
There are no returns or exchanges for played kendamas.
The string is under extra pressure so please use caution when playing inside or near fragile objects.
*Sweets Kendamas LLC and associated representatives are not responsible for any bodily injury or property damage caused by the Kaiju Kendama. *

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