Top 10 People That Need to Try Kendama

Top 10 People That Need to Try Kendama

If you are like me you always have an extra kendama to give someone when the time is right. If I met any of these dudes in person I would definitely be handing over a kendama then and there. These people all have some serious coordination and would probably be landing lunars on their first day playing.

1.) Hacky Sack King : There are a few people in the Kendama game that can rock a hackey sac but this dude is on a whole other level. He doesn't stop moving for the whole two minutes. Too not miss any of those catches tells me this dude has some serious coordination and would probably land Lunar day one.

2.) Zac Bell: Hockey Stick Tricks : Zac Bell 14 year old hockey player. First off what canadian doesn't love kendama? Secondly this dudes hand eye coordiantion is off the charts. His filming style is one I've seen in a lot of kendama edits as well.

3.) Matt Gibson: Lacrosse Boss : The way this dude is doing tricks makes the lacrosse stick and ball look just like a kendama. He event lands handlestall! He's from our local Lacrosse team so maybe we can actually make this one happen.

4.) Flair Bartender : THIS VIDEO IS SO INSANE! His ken flip game would be on point! Not to mention all the juggling tricks he would be able to lace first try.

5.) Sign Spinner Extraordinaire : What else is there to say but next Freestyle Champion of the World?

6.) Russian Burrito Maker : I bet burritos taste better when prepared that fast.

7.) Slight of Hand Wizard : Talk about fast hands. This dude would spike it before you ever figured out what trick he was trying to land.

8.) Brodie Smith: Disc Shots : This dude just seems like he would pick up a kendama and do lighthouse right away. He has mad creativity that could translate well to kendama if he just had one!

9.) Bruce Lee Ping Pong : This one might not be possible, and this video might not be real... but can you imagine?!

10.) Bryan Bros. Wesley and George: Golf Trick Shots : These dudes have some serious hand eye coordination. Anyone who plays golf knows these tricks are insane.

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