What is "My Kendama Story"?

What is "My Kendama Story"?


Kendama Can Change Lives Forever

We were deeply inspired by Joshua Gillard's Kendama story and how he landed his dream job playing Kendama.

"Without Kendama, I probably wouldn’t have met Angelo. I wouldn’t have had the chance to work for one of the best companies in the world. Kendama has impacted me immensely. It’s taught me that the only constant in life is change — and that change is something to be embraced, not feared." - Joshua Gillard

You can read the entire article HERE. We've always known how beneficial and impactful Kendama can be in our lives, but Joshua did such an incredible job putting his experience into words.

Every Kendama player has a story, from the moment they first began. "My Kendama Story" is our brand new spotlight campaign, highlighting individuals throughout the Kendama community and taking a deep dive into those who's lives have been changed by Kendama. This could be Professional Players we all know and love, some lesser known OG's, and maybe even you!

How can I be involved?

We want to hear from players from all backgrounds, all experience levels, and from any country.

Kendama Connects Worlds. We've always known this, but now we're asking YOU to help us by sharing your experience with Kendama. Ask yourself:

  • What about Kendama helps me?
  • How has Kendama changed my life?
  • Why do I play Kendama?
  • How can my Story help others?

Follow the link to our Submission Form HERE, fill out all of the fields carefully, and take the time to tell your story in full.

Don't leave out any crucial details; the more substance you can give in your submission, the better we can help your story be told. We don't expect every submission to be fully fleshed out and we know that not everyone is an experienced writer, so we will do our best to help where we can if needed. Do you have some good pictures of yourself or some videos you'd like to share that compliment your story? Make sure to upload your photos and link your videos so we can be sure to include them in your post.

We hope that highlighting those who have found incredible opportunities, accomplishments, and good change through Kendama will inspire others to begin their own Kendama Journey and help us Spread Kendama Love!

How has kendama changed your life? We are looking for impactful, meaningful stories from players of all walks of life who would like to share the life-changing experiences they've gained through Kendama. Fill out our Submission Form HERE with your Kendama Story for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Do you know a Player/individual that should be featured? Comment below!

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  • Justin Horvers

    Kendama in a way saved my life. I started to play on January 1st, 2021. I work for NYS with mentally handicap individuals. January 1st was the first day I worked 13 days around the clock in a covid infected home. This took me away from my son but was best for him to be safe. So I purchased a kendama and my journey started from there. I was playing with it in the hospital room I have to sit in for one of my individuals. Thats where I had my first big cup spike wearing all PPE gear. So before you know it there I was alone quarantining my kendama and I. I started going though a depression and when those thoughts started I played kendama. So I started looking more into it and fell in love. I created a Instagram and friended so many friends. Went to my first jam 3 months into playing and 7 months in I won my first speed ladder tournament. No I have met so many people and give damas away left and right to grow in my community. Now I am 8 months in had can say I have made some life long friends now and want to grow this amazing game with my son and friends. Thank you for reading this. Justin

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