Sticky Clear? Cushion Clear? Ratio Clear?

A lot of Kendamas you’ll find out there have not only been painted with different designs and colors, but also have been finished with a clear coat on top of that paint. These clear coats protect the designs and help make the paint last longer, but they are also formulated in such a way that makes the kendama more playable right out of the box, adding a grippy or tacky feeling to the ball, depending on what kind you choose.

If you're still unsure what these different paints are like, keep on reading to hear more about what makes each one unique!

Sticky Clear


Sticky clear comes on many of our kendamas, has a glossy look, and is tacky to the touch. Having paint on the ball of the kendama makes learning much easier and boosts your consistency. The paint isn’t so sticky that the ball will adhere to anything, but it will provide more stability if you’re learning certain types of tricks. Sticky paint is also extremely accessible, it’s a little less expensive to make than our Cushion Clear and Ratio Clear options, which makes it perfect if you’re hunting for an inexpensive present for someone special, or even yourself!

Cushion Clear


Cushion Clear is our own special formula that we’ve created and tweaked over the years in order to achieve the best kendama Clear Coat available. We wanted to create a paint that played like a “broken in” kendama; one that you’ve already played to the point where it plays extremely well in the hands. We apply Cushion & Ratio Clear to our kendamas in house at our shop’s Paint Booth, also known as the “Sweets Lab”.

Cushion Clear has an altogether different feel than Sticky Clear; it has a soft and grippy matte finish, as opposed to the shiny look of the Sticky and Ratio Clear. The grippy, matte finish softens impact and increases control on balance tricks. Best of all – Cushion Clear keeps its superior playability throughout its lifespan, where some Sticky Clear might lose its stickiness over a long period of time.

Ratio Clear



We've been in the Sweets Lab working on a new clear coat formula and we think we've made something special. What we have come up with is a glossy and durable clear that starts out a bit slicker than Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear, but still has just enough grip to slap tricks.

After in-house testing, sending a few variations out to our team, and releasing a few batches for players to try, we are finally ready to add Ratio Clear to our lineup of paint options!


No matter what paint you choose, all paint goes through different cycles as you break it in and play it. These things vary greatly, including how often or hard you play the kendama, but also your local climate, such as how dry or humid your area is, or how hot or cold it usually is. We often find that people in very warm and humid climates experience a much more tacky or grippy kendama right out of the box, whereas players in colder regions might need to break in their kendama a little before experiencing the same amount of grip or tack.

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