Who is Austin Donovan? New Sweets Legend!

Who is Austin Donovan? New Sweets Legend!


Who is Austin Donovan?


Austin Donovan, representing New York and the KENYC Team, is a 13-year Kendama Veteran and truly one of the most OG Kendama players in the United States. Austin is respected by and large by the Kendama community for his signature play style as well as his commitment to the growth of Kendama as a whole - always working hard to bring Kendama to new people.


 Austin’s Kendama play is most enjoyable to watch when he’s in his element and shines at his brightest when he steps onto the Freestyle stage. By the time he’s completed a performance, there won’t be a square inch of stage space that hasn’t been touched, as Austin utilizes his entire play space to create the best viewing experience for his audience possible.

Austin has been representing and supporting Sweets since even before our very first product release - he bought our first Kendama release before it was available to the public. Being such an incredible player, one of the most helpful points of contact for community members, as well as an event winner marks the tip of the iceberg on why we think Austin is a Legend.

Along with going straight to the Legend Team with his teammates, Austin gets his own Legend Model. Described during his interview with Sweets as an “Organized Chaos”, you’ll find something new to admire about this Kendama every time you pick it up; Austin put a little bit of so many things he loves into this beautiful design!


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