Who is Juzzy Carter? Sweets Mob - Kendama X Scooter

Who is Juzzy Carter? Sweets Mob - Kendama X Scooter

Every Sweets Mob Team Member is unique. Along with a love for kendama, each one has their own special skills that they excel at, whether that be BMX, Skating, or even Music. We’re extremely stoked and proud to announce that we’re adding Kendama x Scooter to the line-up with the newest Sweets Mob member, Justin “Juzzy” Carter!

Juzzy is a Professional Scooter Rider specializing in flatland and street riding from Mount Martha, Australia. He’s known for some of the craziest tricks and creative tricks you’ve ever seen on a scooter and somehow seems to find the most bizarre kinked rails to grind, no matter what city he’s visiting.

The way he rides a scooter is entirely different than BMX or Skateboarding, which allows Juzzy to sesh technical spots out in the world that would be impossible for other riders. Juzzy’s iconic riding style has landed him multiple sponsorships, including his Signature V2 Scooter Deck with Madd Gear as well as his sleek Signature Wheels from the River Wheel Company.

Juzzy Carter - Tranquility

On top of his scootering prowess, you can also find Juzzy flexing his multiple talents on the runway as a professional model, wearing the biggest brands, and creating content that has gone viral on outlets like ESPN, WorldStar HipHop, Teens React, Sports Center, Hype Beast, and Highsnobiety.

Reed Stark, our Sweets Mob Team Captain, linked up with Juzzy early on after seeing him post some insanely creative Scooter tricks on Instagram. Reed knew that he had major potential and thought he'd enjoy kendama, so he hooked him up with one of our models so he would be playing on the best. Since then, between all of the photoshoots and rail grinds, Juzzy has been consistently pushing for kendama, leveling up, and proving that kendama connects worlds. We couldn’t be more excited to support Juzzy by adding him to our Sweets Mob Team, as well as releasing his Signature Kendama!

The Juzzy Carter Signature Model

Sold out


  • AMPED Juzzy Ken
    • Maple Wood
    • Juzzy Carter signature custom engraving on handle
    • Custom rail engravings on each cup edge
    • Sweets Crossken mark
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
  • AMPED Juzzy Tama
    • Cherry Wood
    • Sky-blue to white fade, clouds top 30%
    • Dark blue, light blue crests and currents middle 30%
    • Yellow, white bevel/hole outline lower 30%
    • Sticky Clear, Cushion Clear, or Ratio Clear
  • Weight Match Guarantee
    • Every Juzzy Carter Model's Ken and Tama weighs within 7 grams of one another
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String
  • Juzzy Carter sticker pack

Words From Juzzy:

My whole life consists of trying a trick for hours on end with the hope of pulling off what I had initially envisioned. Kendama allows me to apply the same process and zone out until I spike a super satisfying trick.

If I’m at the beach, skatepark, or just need a break from the kinked rail I’ve just been trying, pulling out my kendama is the perfect thing to get my mind clear.

I’m obsessed with how hard kendama actually is! Slowly progressing has been so fun, considering it took me over a year to successfully land a juggle, I can’t even begin to explain how good it feels to get 5-6 at a time now.

I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon, as there’s a whole world of tricks out there for me to learn and cities full of kinked rails that I’ll need a break from!

Thank you so much Sweets for supporting me and making the most fire kendamas in the game!

Juzzy’s model perfectly encapsulates the summer vibe of Australian Culture. The tama features a bright white circle right around the hole for optimal tracking, followed by a vibrant yellow sand around the bottom. A crest of light-blue waves divide the land from a deep blue ocean around the middle, detailed with currents that spell out Juzzy's name in the water. Finally, the top of the ball sports puffy clouds and a clear sky blue that fades to white at the horizon.

The ken has finial rail engravings on the cup edges that resemble the unorthodox rails he's known for grinding in his clips. Now Juzzy can grind rails, even off the scooter, while playing kendama! On top of making the entire design look even more classy, these custom engravings also help grab the ball when learning stall tricks, where the ball or ken is stalled or balanced on the edge. Juzzy also decided to go with his signature engraved along the sword handle of the ken, a classic addition that many of his Sweets Mob teammates have also had on their Signature Models in the past.

Juzzy Carter Signature Model - Unboxing

A portion of every sale of his model supports Juzzy directly!

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