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10 Kendama Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow

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Instagram has become one of the primary ways that the kendama community connects and how enthusiasts from different walks of life share their ideas. It’s perfect for showing off that new trick you just laced, an art piece you just finished, or even just a photo of the new model you’re about to start seshing. 

Whether you’re looking for art, tricks, or kendama news, these Instagram accounts will satiate any need for some quality kendama content.

Ian Tulak (@en.2ken)

Ian is a Pineapple Kendama Team Member from Louisiana. He’s the mastermind behind one of the most creative and inventive #28TricksLater runs of 2022. Those posts are still worth going back in his feed to watch; he blended a variety of other mediums and innovative concepts into his kendama play throughout the entirety of February, but instead of just landing a new trick, every day he completed a trick with some sort of new creation, Kendama being the main focus. Some days, he did a different trick with the same, wild new object he’d concocted, but most often, he would blow everyone away with another contraption, like a kendama fashioned into a blow dart.

Beyond his insane 28 Tricks Later in 2022, Ian’s always posting clever and entertaining clips that’ll be sure to leave a smile on your face. He clearly has fun with kendama and you can see it in how he plays. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention him and his incredible content here.

Lisa Komatsubara (@lisakendama)

Lisa is a kendama player from Auckland, New Zealand who recently received recognition and became a sponsored Tribe Member for Kendama USA. She found kendama through juggling, and since the two types of play connect in so many ways, she was able to apply her already extensive skill-set to kendama and started leveling up fast!

Lisa does a lot to push kendama forward in her own neck of the world, spreading kendama love across New Zealand and anytime she travels for juggling events. She’s always posting her escapades, new tricks she laced, and you can also get a lot of great content from her juggling page, too!

KDTM (@kendertainment)

Kendertainment is currently the premier account for the latest and greatest on current events, noteworthy releases, and much more about the kendama scene. You’ll quickly find out how cool it is to be a “Dama Nerd” after receiving extensive coverage that the hosts provide, as well as wisdom from their eclectic curation of guests.

MJ, the primary host of Kendertainment, has cultivated an inviting atmosphere with weekly live shows right through Instagram, providing a zero-cost viewing experience along with real-time engagement alongside a crew of fellow MC’s who join from broadcast to broadcast. They cover upcoming and current product releases, details about upcoming kendama events, and so much more, all recorded and posted on their feed, just in case you missed the Live.

In addition to their “Weekly Dama News” updates, also provided is a podcast, lovingly titled “Dama Nerds”. Within, MJ speaks at length with Rodney Ansell, co-host of Dama Nerds and Terra Kendama Pro, about deeper kendama-centric topics with the most notable figures in modern kendama history. Available anywhere you get your podcasts, it’s a perfect way to enjoy kendama content and learn more about all of your favorite players while on your next shopping trip or while doing household chores.

If you like their content, please consider supporting them on Patreon!

Zach Magnuson (@zbmags77)

Zach Magnuson, also known as “Mags” by his homies, is a Pro Kendama Player for Kendama USA from Georgia. Zach recently held it down for his team and took first place in the Open Division during Dama in the D '22, a staple kendama competition hosted by the Downriver Kendama Team held this past weekend in Wyandotte, Michigan. 

If you follow Zach’s account, you’re guaranteed to receive much more than just insane tricks. His high skill level and ability to hit some of the gnarliest tricks harmonize perfectly with his expertise as a Videographer and Photographer. The tricks he posts are always bangers, but the color grading is also consistently beautiful and the shots are attention-grabbing.

Zach just recently wrapped on the Parks & Rec Tour with Kendama USA and Sol Kendamas, so be sure to follow and stay up-to-date to see all of that content when it comes out!

Brett Walters (@baustinw)

Brett has been on the kendama grind for a minute, constantly leveling up and filming his successes. Anytime he travels, either for work or otherwise, he’s always documenting the occasion with a video.

A notable highlight of Brett’s feed is his attention to B-Roll, which is supplemental footage cut into a video, interlaced with the “meat and potatoes” in order to create a better viewing experience. You can learn a lot from watching his clips and taking notes on how he uses B-Roll to make your own videos even better.

Brett is also a great example of how diverse the music tastes are among kendama players. No matter what video he posts, his music curation is filled with great songs you might not have heard before.

Joe Nelson (@joeenelson)

Joe Nelson, from our own state of Minnesota, is a sponsored kendama player with Krom Kendama. Joe recently took home a win of his own, taking first in the Freestyle Division during the aforementioned Dama in the D ‘22 event, and deservedly so! Joe has been on the come-up for the past few years since his addition to the Krom team in January ‘20 and is always posting 

You can always count on one of Joe’s posts to be a mind-melter. If you need a clip that will get you hyped on a cool new idea, his page is definitely for you.

Masako Hosoi (@masako_damaart)

Masako is an artist and the manager of the Kendama Shop Yume in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. The charming illustrations on her page range from simple, yet detailed line drawings, all the way to fully colored pieces in a variety of styles. If you ordered a kendama from us at some point in the past year, you may have even gotten some stickers in your package with her art on them!

While Masako doesn’t usually post any kendama tricks, her account is full of kendama cheer and a welcome addition to our timelines. Her account is worth scrolling through to see all of the work she’s done!

Kyle “Kliff” Colliluori (@kenjamin__franklin__)

Kliff is a kendama player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who’s been getting honing in on Kaijus as of late, our extra-large kendama! It takes an incredible amount of strength to do tricks on a Kaiju as if it were a standard-sized one, but he pulls it off with ease, hitting difficult late ken flip tricks and juggling as if it were stuffed with feathers.

Kliff’s been consistently posting extra-large bangers on a frequent basis. We’d definitely recommend a follow to his page to add some Kaiju spice to your timeline!

Blair McGloiry (@zimbu_mafu)

Blair is a musician, roller-blader, and player based in California. When he’s not lacing tricks on the kendama, he’s strapping the blades on to grind a rail or sitting down behind a drum kit for a music sesh. Blair always brings musicality that matches nicely with the editing of his videos.

Blair usually brings fully fledged mini-edits to the table anytime he posts, putting a lot of time and effort into the quality of his clips. A follow on his account provides quantity AND quality!

Luna Harron (@thesonicpineapple)

Luna is a skill toy aficionado who brings a breath of fresh air into our feed. She focuses primarily on the creative process and mastering new styles of play and techniques. In nearly every post, she provides some sort of technical, outside-the-box thinking that will have you scooping your jaw up off the floor.

On top of her kendama play, Luna learns any skill toy she can find, including but not limited to yoyo, begleri, as well as speedcubing, and mathematics to name a few. If you need inspiration, her account is wealthy with ideas, just waiting to be expanded on.


Although there's certainly plenty of accounts we might have missed, all of these accounts are incredible sources for inspiration. If one of your favorite players were mentioned here, make sure to send them some love!

If you're looking for more Sweets Kendamas content, be sure to follow all of our Team Members!

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