The Best Beginner Kendamas - 2023

The Best Beginner Kendamas - 2023


Quality can make an incredible difference in how much fun you can have with kendama. If you don’t like your first one, or worse - it’s second-rate quality; there’s an even higher chance that you don’t play as much as you expected, if ever at all.

One of our highest priorities at Sweets is making sure that beginners have the best first impression possible and love their first kendama. In order to do that, we do our best to offer a wide variety of options that play JUST as well as our Premium Models without breaking the bank.

Starter Series



The Sweets Starter is our staple Entry-Level model - just pick a color and GO!

Starters currently come in SIX different colors and are the most affordable kendamas we offer that are made in our most up-to-date kendama shape, the Amped Shape.

These models can do all the same tricks that others can and break in really well, all at a fraction of the price that you could normally pay for a similar kendama.

  • Amped Shape
    • Our newest and most playable kendama shape yet
  • Full Beech Wood Construction for the perfect break-in experience
    • Especially great for learning stall tricks at higher level play
  • Sticky Clear
    • A perfect tackiness that helps grab the wood and provides a lot of friction when learning new tricks


The Sweets Classics are a new approach to some of our favorite colorways of the past. We’ve rebooted some of our favorite designs with updated tracking and a new shape to provide as much playability as possible.

  • Amped Shape
  • Full Beech Wood Construction
  • Rubber Clear
    • A standard matte clear coat that is extremely durable and still provides some grip, but slightly less grip than Sticky Clear options.

Stitch Series

Stitch Series Kendamas - Sweets Kendamas

We wanted to expand our affordable options, so our designer, Matt Paulsen, created the Stitch Series! Each version he perfect choice if you're looking for that mod with a blast of colors. 

  • Amped Shape
  • Full Beech Wood Construction
  • Custom Ken Engravings
    • An artistic choice that also provides grip when holding the ken.
  • Sticky Clear

Mini Kendamas


Mini kendamas are a perfect option for someone who might have small hands or doesn’t have the coordination quite yet to handle a standard-sized kendama.

Minis are a favorite for youths who still need to grow into the regular size and among anyone who wants something a little smaller and easier to throw in a pocket and bring along.

  • Custom Mini Shape
  • Sticky Clear or Rubber Clear (see product description for full details)
  • Full Beech Construction
  • Does all the same tricks a standard size can do
  • Extremely portable; can fit into a pocket easily


We offer a wide variety of our older color options on Amazon that you can’t find anywhere else these days. Plus, they’re incredibly affordable!

These options are made in our Prime Shape, one of our older kendama shapes that has now been discontinued from our .com website. Regardless of the Prime Shape’s age, these kendamas are still extremely playable, even by today’s shape standards!

  • Prime Shape
  • Wood Options available (while supplies last*)
    • Full Beech
    • Full Bamboo*
  • Sticky Clear on Most Products
  • Some of our lowest prices available online


You can still find our exclusive Prime Shape Target Kendama in Target stores! Usually, you can find them nearby the playing cards and rubix cubes in the Toy Department, but you can also use our Store Locator page to find your nearest Target and call ahead to see if they have any in stock to save yourself a trip.

  • Prime Shape
  • Full Beech Construction
  • Rubber Clear
  • Convenient, can be purchased during grocery shopping

Clearance Items

Clearance - Tab - Sweets Kendamas

Sometimes, we find that we need space for all of the new stuff we have in the works. In our clearance area, you can often find some of the best kendama deals on the market.

If you couldn’t find a kendama you liked in our beginner collection, on Amazon, or at Target, our Clearance Section just might have a unique model at the price you’re looking for.

  • Product options vary, but we guarantee that these kendamas will always be HONED.


No matter which kendama you decide on, we're confident that you'll enjoy it. If you're still unsure about what kendama you should start with, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or leave a comment below!

Not sure what paint you need? We've got an article that will help!

Check out our Kendama Buyer's Guide for even more info that will help you choose your first mod!


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