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My Kendama Story - Greg Phipps

Greg Phipps is a shining example of how beneficial Kendama can be for your mind, body, and soul. We recently heard his story from him and how he's used Kendama as a substitute for addiction. We felt that his message was so powerful, we had to share his Kendama Story. Read it below!

There were a lot of other reasons why I decided to get clean that don’t pertain to Kendama, but it was a huge factor in me learning to do things for my overall mental state, and helped me realize that I didn't need a substance to be happy.


At the beginning of the pandemic, when everything shut down and we were required to quarantine, I felt hopeless and questioned the future - pretty much like the rest of the world was feeling. I had always been all party, all the time, but I started drinking more than I ever had because I was trying to forget and get through the endless days.

My friend Phil sent me a couple of Kendamas to try out to help with the boredom of being stuck at home. I had seen him play before, but never thought about playing myself. The ones I got from him were full natty, and I knew nothing about the game or how hard it would be to play. I began watching Sweets Tutorials on YouTube and started trying tricks like Around Japan, Earth Turns, and Airplanes. I was hooked.


The first painted Kendama I bought was the Coop Mod and I then started landing more cup and stall tricks. As I was learning to play, I was drinking less because I found myself playing for hours on end. The patience and focus required were more intoxicating than the feelings I would get from alcohol.

I quickly became well known in the community. The love and support I still get daily helps me stay sober so I can continue to get better, provide content online to help others realize that they’re loved, show that Kendama is for everyone, and that I’m here to put a smile on faces. I love Kendama more than most things in this world and I hope to play the rest of my days. It’s saved my life and I hope it, and my story, can help others too.

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