Sweets Studio - NEW TUTORIALS

Sweets Studio - NEW TUTORIALS

I have been filming Sweets Kendamas tutorials since 2013. It has always been our goal to give our fans a place to go to learn the tricks they see pros doing in videos every day. The videos we made in the past worked but they were ready for an upgrade. For the most part I filmed and edited everything you see in those old tutorials. In these new videos you will see better teaching, better camera angles, and a cleaner less distracting background. We are looking to do as many tricks as possible in the new studio setting. If there is a trick you really want to see a tutorial for please leave it in a comment below. Click Here to go to our beginner tutorial playlist. 

The first batch of tutorials looked like this. 

The second batch looked like this.

And this is what the new ones will look like. 

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  • Justin Vandergriff

    lookin good! cant wait for these

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