Why does kendama always relate to skateboarding so well? I feel like we are on similar paths via different hobbies. I watch a video like the one i've posted below and can't help but draw similarities. Tony Hawk is 50 years old and still finds ways to motivate himself to be better than he was the day before.

As a 31 year old pro kendama player I feel like I lose site of this. Tony isn't out here trying to show up the Nyah Houston's of the world, he is simply trying to push himself as far as his body and mind can go. In this tap, tap, juggle, juggle, kendama world we live in today all I can ever think is, "man i need to catch up" , or, "is that trick even good enough to post?" Is that what is really most important? After watching this video I don't think that is the case. Motivating yourself to personally be better at what you do is crucial. The challenge is to do this without comparing yourself to everyone else.

Something to think about as you watch this dope little edit. You may be the grinder landing the nastiest tricks or you may be the dude progressing slowly day by day. Either way you are winning.