Christian Fraser - Decade Mod - Batch One: Sapphire


We're bringing back the Batch One with a fresh splash of color. The original Batch One was one of the most popular kendamas we have ever produced, so we are beyond excited to bring it back with some slight updates. We have switched out the Cherry of the original Batch One with Ash to make the grain pop heavy under the translucent blue paint. This kendama is made to be classy but still stand out, much like Christian himself. 

*NOTE: Due to the nature of translucent paints and how they are affected by the underlying woods, the tama colors you receive may vary from those pictured.

  • BOOST Shape
    • Full Maple Spike
    • Custom Laminated Sarado with Maple, Wenge, and Beech Woods
    • C. Fraser Signature Decade Mod Engravings inlayed with blue glitter
    • Oversized Custom Laminated Tama
      • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
      • Custom Laminated Tama
      • Woods from bottom to top include: Beech, Ash, Wenge, Ash, Walnut
      • Translucent blue paint
      • White and blue gem pattern on lower 40%
      • Metalic gold tracking band
    • Metal Spinner Bead
    • Sapphire String
    • Gold replacement SixFinger String
    • Custom Sapphire Packaging
    • Sapphire Sticker Pack