Thrift Mystery

$9.99 $19.99


These $10 Mystery are NOT for Gem Hunters, they are for people who can’t normally afford a Sweets kendama. These all have heavy defects, but are still completely playable. Still a great first kendama or an extra to cary with you for first spikes or gifting.


Thrift Mystery Kendamas may be Pro Clear, Sticky Clear, Cushion Clear, and Experimental Clear, or have no finish. These kendamas may chip easier than normal Sweets Kendamas products.  These products may have defects in the paint, the wood of the ken or tama, or other issues that make them unsellable at normal prices. 

We are offering these at a heavy discount so those who can not normally get a kendama for themselves of to give away have an option that is ready to be thrashed. These may not be aesthetically pleasing but they will still be very playable! 

** Mystery Kendamas do not come with an extra string or bead.

Mystery Kendamas are a surprise, and can not be refunded or exchanged.