#28trickslater Guidelines on How to Participate.

#28trickslater Guidelines on How to Participate.

Download the #28TricksLater Video Intro H E R E

#28trickslater is an idea that came from our pro Christian Fraser in 2017. Here is a few words from him:

"#28trickslater was an idea that was inspired by two simple things. 1. My personal struggle with jamming one single kendama for an extended period of time, and 2. Pushing myself and the Sweets team to really put in work and level up. This challenge is 100% about personal progress and satisfaction. Each clip should strive to be something you have never done before, whether it’s a brand new trick or just one to personally level up. I’m so stoked that this idea has taken off and we are embarking on the 3rd year of grinding. Remember, this challenge is for yourself and no one else! Have fun, put in work, and take the challenge day-by-day. Good luck!" 

Here's How to Join the Fun

1.) If you can, start Feb.1 with a Brand New Kendama. The goal is to use only this kendama through the whole month of February. It is cool to see how much work you put into one dama in 28 days! 

2.) The goal is to post a new trick on your Instagram Feed with the hashtag #28trickslater every day for 28 days in a row! 

3.) THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. This is a challenge from the Sweets Family to you. We believe everyone who plays kendama should want to do to improve their skills and share that skill with others in the community via Instagram. 

4.) It is hard to make it everyday, so do your best!! If you miss a day that is ok, just pick up where you left off and try to get as many days as you can. If you get stuck and can't think of new tricks watch some tutorials on our Youtube channel or watch and old edit from someone you've never heard of for inspiration. 

5.) We will be sharing our favorite clips throughout the month Wednesdays on Twitch (twitch.tv/sweetskendama) and on the Sweets Insta story

  Download the #28TricksLater Video Intro H E R E


  • Agnese


  • Henry

    I love you so much sweets kendamas and legend cooper with a tihtrope

  • Nils Seleņa

    I hope i do good, and good luck to others!

  • Kalvis

    I really like kendama because its so much fun! I would like to meet you all guys but i know it will never happen.But im happy to be on 28t#trickslater. Byeee

  • Ratiu Beniamin

    Hello! Your Kendamas is very beautiful! Happy day😁

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