Adam Savage from MYTH BUSTERS Builds a Kendama

Adam Savage from MYTH BUSTERS Builds a Kendama

Sweets Kendamas Teammate Alex Hirota was surfing Youtube as he usually does and stumbled across this amazing video that was release today. Adam Savage from the famous show Myth Busters has a channel where he does one day builds. On this episode he attempts to make a kendama. Check it out and see how he does.


  • Brian Freiter

    I love both these guys, but that Kendama is just hurting me haha.

  • Andrew

    I cringed so hard when I heard him say, “No bevel!”

  • Sam

    I loved this video haha freaked out when I saw the thumbnail

  • Alex Hirota

    One of the coolest dudes on YouTube. So stoked on this video!

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